Hot travel tip: Where to stay where your pets are welcome 2
Coco, one of Ozark's VIP Very Important Pet.

Hot travel tip: Where to stay where your pets are welcome

More and more establishments are opening up to our fine furry friends, realizing pets are as much a part of a family holiday or even a solo staycation.
Dahl Bennett | Jul 27 2019

Nothing says vacation more than having a loyal, fun, and even-tempered companion come along with you. Un-furr-tunately, not all hotels are created equal, so it’s not that easy to get your pet to fly with you to an island in an instant and expect to be greeted at your hotel lobby with a welcome drink that does not include a pair of raised eyebrows.  

This is not to say that establishments in Manila—and even the rest of Luzon—have not opened their doors to pet guests. Hotels, restaurants, parks, bed and breakfast establishments and resorts are beginning to realize that pets have become an integral part of some vacationing families or individuals on holiday. 

If you’re looking for pet-friendly places to stay, Tripadvisor has some very helpful lists covering pet-friendly hotels in Luzon, ranking them from 1 to 10. The guest reviews should give you an idea of how strict or open these establishments are when it comes to their pet policies.

We also managed to sniff around and discovered a number of establishments whose welcome gesture for your pets goes beyond petting them in the head by treating them to baked biscuits.

Not all hotel, uhm, paw-licies are the same but nevertheless, it’s comforting to know your pet dog, cat, and even the fish can tag along on the next family vacay. 


Ozark Bed and Breakfast, Baguio

When it opened in November 2016, the Ozark Bed & Breakfast owners didn’t even think twice about opening their establishment to pet owners.  “We envisioned our Bed & Breakfast to always being pet-friendly as a standard.  As frequent travelers, we’ve always stayed at Bed & Breakfast establishments run by LGBT couples. Most of them have always been pet-friendly,” says Albert Sotelo who co-owns Ozark with husband Kevin Mize.  

Hot travel tip: Where to stay where your pets are welcome 3
Albert Sotelo (standing) with husban, Ozark co-owner and chef Kevin Mize

Also a diner specializing in food from the American South, Ozark is probably one of the few establishments in the area with a very considerate pet policy. The number of guest pets per suite is typically limited to two, but that may be more or less depending on ages, sizes, and breeds—according to the establishment’s pet policy. For $10 per night per pet, they welcome “non-aggressive and well-behaved” pet guests.

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The famous #tweetiethegolden on IG.

Understandably, they require that your pets have had their titers, scheduled vaccinations, and flea/tick treatment before bringing them along. A pet waiver needs to be signed upon arrival. Ozark’s policy also includes full reimbursement for damages caused by guest pets.

Pets are free to roam inside their human’s appointed rooms but once out in common areas such as the diner, they are required to be on a leash in consideration of Ozark’s other clients. A pet ‘relief’ area is provided adjacent to Ozark’s parking lot and if your pet becomes disruptive, there is also an accessible Pet Day Care nearby.

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Ozark’s owners go beyond welcoming the pets. Just last January they hosted an activity with the Retriever Pack of the Philippines called #RuffGuides where pet owners hiked with their dogs up Mount Yangbew in La Trinidad.  “It was the first time for us to host as many as 18 large dogs and their humans,” says Sotelo.

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By dusk, owners and pets got a cozy welcome at Ozark’s outdoor roof deck with a fireplace. “Altogether, we had a total of 26 dogs, all tired. The humans were also tired. As nice and breezy as it was outside, they all retired early for the night after eating their meals.” On occasion, Sotelo says they have baked biscuit treats for guest pets.

Pushing for Baguio City to be a more pet-friendly city, Sotelo said he and some of Ozark’s former guests plan to circulate a initiative to allow pet access to Burnham Park (a public park) which currently has an ordinance “summarily restricting all dogs from the park.” Sotelo says that there is a need to raise awareness among business owners and the LGUs to be more pro-active in making their establishments more pet-friendly. “Most establishments relegate pet owners and their pets to the patio or balcony only. I think Baguio could do better. We could do better,” Albert says.

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Oreo the promerenian


Joy Nostalg Hotel and Suites Manila

Joy Nostalg opened their hotel to pets nine years ago, according to PR and Marketing Communication Director Kyra Cabaero. “We saw the need to accommodate pets of some of our long-stay guests who bring them along,” she tells ANCX.

Joy Nostalg is one of the more known hotels in the city with pet-friendly accommodations. With some restrictions in breed, height and number, cats and dogs are welcome at the hotel. So are pet fishes as long as they are “kept in a confined water receptacle area of not more than 5 liters.”

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Joy Nostlag Hotel and Suites Manila Two Bedroom Executive. Photograph from the Official Website

A PHP 2,000/night refundable security deposit covers for any possible damages the pet may cause in the room. And, yes, the same policy applies to fish pets.

The establishment requires that dogs and cats be at least one year old and spayed or neutered. Puppies and kittens are not allowed in the property—“no matter how cute they are!” reads the hotel policy.

Owners need to provide food and a scratch pole for their pet cats. The hotel also, uhm, ‘paw-litely’ suggests a pet pedicure would be good before the pet checks in. It also has designated ‘relief’ areas but owners are expected to clean up after their pet.

Joy Nostalg has been a pet-friendly hotel for almost a decade now, and pets have become part of the staff’s routine. Cabaero shares how one of their loyal guests would ask the hotel to make sure his pet would be safe and rescued in case an emergency when he is not in the premises. In another instance, a guest pet would always greet the lobby staff, endearing him to everyone at the hotel.


Other pet friendly hotels 

Other noteworthy pet-friendly establishments are: The Farm in San Benito, Costa Pacifica in Baler, and Hilton Manila in Newport Blvd. in Pasay.

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Costa Pacifica Junior Suite. Photograph from the Official Website

Costa Pacifica allows dogs and cats only in their premises. The usual vaccine certification, leash, food supply, food bowls, and emergency kits are the responsibility of the owner. Pets are allowed to stay in the room and in the guest’s room and the lobby.

The Farm in San Benito allows one pet per room only and will ask owners to sign a waiver before allowing pets to stay in the hotel. They do not have a pet policy posted but it is recommended that you call them regarding the bringing of an animal before driving all the way to the location.  

The high-end Hilton Manila allows dogs and cats with a maximum of 30 pounds. Not more than two pets are allowed to stay in a room. Public spaces such as fitness center, pool area, food and beverage outlets are off limits. Unless maybe you’re Paris Hilton, then that chihuahua in your designer tote is paw-rfectly okay.  


Ozark Bed and Breakfast is located at 2 Bear's Trail, Corner Bareng Dr, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

Joy Nostalg Hotela and Suites, Manila is located at 17 ADB Ave, San Antonio, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila