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We made a simple Sicily itinerary for the foodie, the explorer and the culture vulture

Because there's a Sicily for every kind of man you are.
Shy Perez-Sala | Sep 30 2018

We're assuming that you're not only thinking of putting Sicily in your must-go-to list because you want to live out your The Godfather illusions. Because as grand and cinematic as that sounds, it might be a tad limiting. So we thought of putting a short itinerary that you might find useful, and should give you a little more of this place's necessary soul outside of Coppola's—or Puzo's—conjurings. Below are a few tried and tested ideas for the man traveling to eat, the adventurer, and the culture enthusiast.


Meet your private guide at the lobby of your hotel and discover Palermo’s renowned culinary traditions. Begin at the city’s lively food markets, overflowing with just caught fish and a colorful array of fresh local fruits and vegetables. Then explore the winding streets of this Sicilian capital, ranked as one of the best street-food cities in the world as you taste your way through the local specialties including arancini, sfincione, cassatta, and of course, the famous Sicilian cannoli!  Top off this day of culinary delights with a delicious tasting of Sicilian wines.  And, at the end of this walking tour, your guide will walk you back to your hotel or you can choose to explore more of Palermo’s streets on your own. 

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Meet your private guide at the lobby of your hotel and set out on a full day’s exploration of Mount Etna by 4 x 4 jeep.  Mount Etna the tallest active volcano in Western Europe! The first eruption recorded was in 1500 BC, in more recent times, eruptions occurred in 1910 and 1928, when the entire village of Mascali was buried, with minor ones continuing to this day. Today, you will be touring the fascinating Mount Etna landscape, including eerie lava flows, and craters. Admire the breathtaking, one-of-a-kind panoramas and then explore this unique volcanic terrain on foot!  At the end of your excursion, your guide and driver will escort you back to your hotel for a relaxing evening.    



Meet your private guide at the lobby of your hotel and discover the wonderful cities of Syracuse and Catania. Begin with Syracuse, famous for its history as a powerful ancient Greek stronghold.  Founded over 2,000 years ago, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site whose monuments span the Greek, Roman and Baroque periods. Accompanied by your guide, explore the city’s narrow winding streets, elegant piazzas, beautiful Duomo, striking churches and palaces. And of course, its remarkable classical ruins, including the famous Temple of Apollo and the Greek Theater.  After Syracuse, your private guide and driver will take you to Catania, Sicily’s second largest city, lying at the foot of Mount Etna. Visit its impressive ancient monuments, including the Greco-Roman amphitheater and the Roman Forum and baths, and stroll through its picturesque streets and squares lined with Baroque churches. At the end of the, day continue to your hotel for an evening at your leisure.

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