The key to mastering the art of easy and hassle-free travels 2

The key to mastering the art of easy and hassle-free travels

The credit card is a great travel invention. It can take you places. But keep in mind that you are its master, not the other way around.
Partner Feature | Sep 20 2019

There are certainly a lot of individuals out there who could claim to be masters of travel. They might have the experience, with passports jam-packed with stamps and visas from all over the globe and Instagram accounts chock full of selfies and panoramas in the most beautiful scenery across the continents. But more often than not these travelers have something they do not boast about online, or at least only do so by accident. They all have the finances to get them where they want to go.

Crossing borders entails multiple financial problems that require a lot of planning.  A long summer of travel criss-crossing the Mediterranean to visit Cairo, Paris, and Zermatt, Switzerland will require travelers to plan for at least four different kinds of currencies. There is also the issue of managing costs, settling bills, and securing travel funds while traveling on a great adventure. It might sound like a logistical nightmare, but believe it or not the roads through these financial hurdles have been trail blazed and paved for all that have been bitten by wanderlust.  Social media ‘influencers’ did not lead the way.  Banks did.


The only travel hack you need

Banks are the lifeblood of travel. Banks help travelers exchange currencies at airports and hotels. Banks facilitate fund movement across borders through money transfers. Banks provide supporting documents for visa applications and approvals. Without banks, traveling would be a nightmare.

The most convenient travel hack banks can offer is plastic. Credit Card plastic that is. Think of it as a membership card for travel’s biggest rewards club. Metrobank Card for example is recognized the world over for everything from online ticket purchases and hotel bookings, to late night drinks at a posh night club, to coffee and brunch on the top of the Alps.  

Credit cards like Metrobank Card handle all the foreign exchange problems, at reasonable exchange rates. That cuts out hours of research and legwork usually spent finding the best forex rates for each country on the itinerary. It is lighter on the pocket too as it eliminates the need for carrying large amounts of cash. 

Credit cards also help facilitate financial planning. Credit card applications require would be travelers to examine themselves, and their individual finances. This is a vital step before embarking on a trip. Social media lies about travels abroad being all fun and games and glamour. The reality is travel is not always picture perfect, especially when it’s your account balance you’re looking at.  

Banks like Metrobank award credit cards and credit limits based on the financial standing of individuals. Simply put, the bank won’t allow cardholders to overextend. They also allow cardholders to manage costs and pay down expenses over a period of time through installment and zero interest plans. 


Trail blazing

Credit card issuers - such as Metrobank Card, have recognized partnerships with global merchants and retail partners. Exclusive offers, rebates, and discounts are extended to all card holders as Metrobank Card has forged a bond of trust with these partners, a mark of integrity which is instantly transferred to all of its card holders.  

Holding a Metrobank Card tells the world the card holder is trustworthy with good financial standing. Not only that, establishments welcomed into this circle of trust have also been screened thoroughly. Its a relationship that secures both the establishment and the card holder. 

One such relationship, Swedish Multinational fast fashion clothing-retail company H&M.  Not only can a Metrobank Card be used to easily purchase H&M products in 62 countries, new card holders will receive up to P2,000 H&M electronic gift certificates. They can earn instant P500 H&M gift certificates upon delivery of the new card, an additional P500 upon activation and first usage, no need for re-approval, and extra P1,000 upon reaching the required spend within 75 days upon approval no need for re-approval.

Best of all, Metrobank Card is a master at this. It isn’t just some social media ‘influencer’ who decided yesterday to tell the world how to travel right.  Metrobank Card has spent time and money creating an international network built for safe and secure travel that is fun, rewarding, and financially responsible.


Magic bullet?

Getting a credit card is not the be all and end all travel solution. But it is certainly the right tool for the job. A credit card can help define the financial boundaries, the size and scope of a trip’s budget. But it is up to the traveller to follow those boundaries, to stay within the budget.  

That is the best characteristic of the credit card. It isn’t a social media post screaming ‘you should be here’ no matter the cost. It’s a piece of plastic that is whispering ‘I can get you there, but I won’t let you go crazy at the mini bar.’


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