From left: Seiko 5 Sports SNZH57, Longines Presence L4.790.4.11.2, Tudor Black Bay 36 M79500-0004. Photos from the brand's official website

These 10 watches aren’t as expensive as you think

Put another way, they’re friendlier than their looks suggest  
JEROME G. GOMEZ | Apr 26 2021

We are often intimidated by the things we find beautiful. Like some watches, for example. When we find something that catches our eye, and it seems like out of our reach, we won’t even bother to Google for the price, or enter the store and ask for information. We just move on.

The watches on this list aren’t priced as highly as their looks might suggest. Or to put it another way, they’re friendlier than you think they are. Our buddy Sieg Suarez put this list together. While he likes to feature the watches VIPs wear in his Instagram page @watch_mnl, one of his other goals for the account is to educate its audiences about watches. The more you know, after all, the less intimidated you are. With knowledge comes power. 

Sieg says his ground rules for this selection are: a) he only considered brand new watches, b) he purposely didn’t look at designer/fashion watches in the making of the list, and c) “These watches don’t only look more expensive than they are, but also, all these brands have solid backgrounds in watchmaking,” says Sieg, a lawyer and longtime watch connoisseur. “You are assured that all these are of high quality.” 

So here they are: 10 of the newest watches in the market that look more expensive than they really are:


Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

1. Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

Case: 40mm

Movement: Automatic, up to 80hrs power reserve

Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Crystal: Sapphire

Water resistance: 100m

SRP: SGD $950 or +/- P35,000 (available by Q3 2021)

Sieg’s notes: “Personally, I love this Tissot the most. It looks like the more expensive unibody watches- Audemars Royal Oak, Zenith Defy, Vacheron Constantin Overseas, etc. But you get top notch everything here for a fraction of the price. The quartz version is available already at $375. That is a bargain if you are not looking for a mechanical movement.”


Seiko 5 Sports SNZH57

2. Seiko 5 Sports SNZH57

Case: 45mm

Movement: Automatic, up to 43hrs power reserve

Material: Stainless Steel

Water resistance: 100m

SRP: P10,100

Sieg’s notes: “You will never go wrong with Seiko. It’s a watch brand which every collector should have. In terms of total package (quality, reliability, utility, longevity, brand heritage) for the price, Seiko really delivers.”


 Longines Presence L4.790.4.11.2

3. Longines Presence L4.790.4.11.2

Case: 38.50mm

Movement: Quartz

Material: Stainless Steel

Crystal: Sapphire

SRP: CHF750 or +/-P40,000


Tudor Black Bay 36 M79500-0004

4. Tudor Black Bay 36 M79500-0004

Case: 36mm

Movement: Automatic, up to 38hrs power reserve

Material: Stainless Steel

Crystal: Sapphire

SRP: P146,500

Sieg’s notes: “Tudor is also owned by Rolex. Every Tudor is created with very high standards. In a Tudor, you can get a high quality Swiss timepiece for a relatively low price. The quality, brand heritage, and reliability are complete in every Tudor piece. Not to mention, in the past ten years, Tudor has really released aesthetically beautiful pieces which have shades of Rolex but at the same time, completely unique.

“For your reference, in terms of the looks department, this particular model can be compared to a Rolex Explorer 36mm. The Tudor Black Bay Chrono can be compared to the Rolex Daytona. The Tudor Black Bay GMT can be compared to the Rolex GMT-Master.”


Laco Pilot Watch Original Memmingen

5. Laco Pilot Watch Original Memmingen

Case: 42mm

Movement: Handwound

Material: Stainless Steel

Crystal: Sapphire

SRP: $1,190 or +/-P58,000

Notes: “Laco may be a lesser-known watch brand but it has a rich history. During World War II, it was one of the five manufacturers for the German Luftwaffe (German Air Force) together with more known brands IWC and A. Lange & Sohne. The two other brands are Stowa and Wempe. Like IWC, Laco made high quality pilot’s watches.


Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

6. Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

Case: 38mm

Movement: Handwound, up to 80hrs power reserve

Material: Stainless Steel

Crystal: Sapphire

SRP: $495 or +/-P24,000


Seiko Presage SRPC83J1

7. Seiko Presage SRPC83J1

Case: 40mm

Movement: Automatic, up to 41hrs power reserve

Material: Stainless Steel

Crystal: Sapphire

SRP: P23,400


Citizen Corso (BM7193-07B)

8. Citizen Corso (BM7193-07B)

Case: 40mm

Movement: Eco-Drive (Solar)

Material: Rose Gold Tone (Stainless Steel)

Crystal: Mineral

SRP: $250 or P12,500

Sieg’s notes: The Citizen Eco-Drive uses light as the watch’s energy. According to the Citizen, this model, like the other Eco-Drive models, never needs a battery.



Orient Mechanical Classic Watch (AC00005W)

9. Orient Mechanical Classic Watch (AC00005W)

Case: 40.5mm

Movement: Handwound

Material: Stainless Steel

SRP: P12,000-P15,000


Timex Navi XL Automatic 41mm

10. Timex Navi XL Automatic 41mm

Case: 41mm

Movement: Automatic, up to 40hrs power reserve

Material: Stainless Steel with Mesh bracelet

Crystal: Mineral

SRP: $269 or +/- P13,000.


Photos from the official websites and online shops. Follow @watch_mnl on Instagram by clicking this link. ​