It's not a Patek, but will it do? 2
F.P. Journe Grande Sonnerie Souveraine. Photograph from @fpjourneofficial on Instagram

It's not a Patek, but will it do?

Purchasing a Patek Philippe repeater takes more than just having a lot of money—it requires a lot of patience as the waiting list can be long. Watch enthusiast Jason Ang lists three top options in case you're considering an alternative.
Jason Ang | Feb 02 2019
It's not a Patek, but will it do? 3

Audemars Piguet 

Tourbillon Minute Repeater Chronograph 

"Always considered the No. 2 brand after Patek Philippe—though that is debatable. Like Patek, the company is still family-owned and has stayed independent. With a minute repeater, tourbillon, and a chronograph, this timepiece combines three complications rarely found within the same case."

Estimated Price: USD 465,000 (in platinum) 


It's not a Patek, but will it do? 4

Ulysse Nardin 

Sonata Minute Repeater 

"Forget about residual values and company heritage for now Branding-wise, Ulysse Nardin has lost its way in the past few years. Fortunately, the company played its minute repeater band just the same. Ulysse Nardin produces the most interesting line of minute repeaters found today, using gongs that sound like musical boxes in a wristwatch!" 

Estimated price: USD 55,000 (in rose gold)


It's not a Patek, but will it do? 5


Master Minute Repeater 

"This grand complication watch has a 15-day power reserve, a barrel torque indicator, and a crystal gong that produces a chime of peerless intensity and clarity. Probably high up there in terms of complication, but will always lag behind a Patek Philippe minute repeater in terms of secondary value and bragging rights." 

Estimated price: USD 200,000 (in platinum)


VAULT picks some other alternative minute repeaters to consider.

It's not a Patek, but will it do? 6

Vacheron Constantin 

Platinum Les Cabinotiers Skeleton Minute Repeater 

Estimated Price: USD 400,000 (in platinum)


It's not a Patek, but will it do? 7

F.P. Journe 

Grande Sonnerie Souveraine 

Estimated Price: USD 650,000 (in steel)


It's not a Patek, but will it do? 8


Grande Complication Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar 

Estimated Price: USD 285,000 (in rose gold)


This story first appeared in Vault Magazine Issue 2, 2011.