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What to look out for when buying jewelry for her (the height of her neck matters)

Everything you need to know about high jewelry and finding the perfect gift for the wom(e)n in your life.
Ria Gamboa | Dec 11 2018

When it comes to purchasing jewelry, there are  usually two types to choose from: high-end and artisan. High-end or high jewelry is made by skilled goldsmiths using precious metals and precious gems like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Artisan jewelry is made using semi-precious gems like garnet, moonstone, and quartz. Both are handcrafted.

High jewelry is often reserved for special occasions like black-tie balls, galas, and other major events. Wearing high jewelry also follows rules, even if women are given leeway to mix and match their pieces. The essential rules, especially when it comes to buying jewelry for women, have to do with height and build.


Height matters when it comes to purchasing earrings. The taller and longer the neck of the woman, the more favorable long, dangling earrings become. In contrast, petite women always look better in small fine earrings.

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Rings are favored for their aesthetic value and symbolic meaning. When buying a ring, slimmer arms and fingers look better with a small and exquisite ring rather than a 10-carat head-turner.

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Petite women look better with neater, smaller shapes, while taller women can pull off the bigger pieces often called statement necklaces.


This story first appeared in Vault Magazine Issue 8 2012.