How to decorate for Christmas without working too hard 2
From left: Vintage jewelry trays, 28.5 cm gold convex wall mirror; scented candle in skull-shaped matte black ceramic jar

Christmas decorating for the lazy bachelor, according to Ito Kish

Minimum effort, just the right amount of impact—that’s always the goal.
ANCX Staff | Oct 23 2021

It’s too easy to get carried away with Christmas decorations at home. Especially when you’ve been itching to feel that spirit of joy after such a challenging year. But fret not. We asked designer and tastemaker Ito Kish, creative director of Robinson’s Department Store’s Curated Home section, to give us decorating ideas that are easy peasy enough for the lazy bachelor with a pad to put a little Christmas cheer to, and simple enough so holiday visitors don’t say, ‘Someone got carried away.’

Convex Tabletop Mirror, 12 x 22 cm Ceramic Vase
Convex tabletop mirror and 12 x 22 cm ceramic vase

1. You can easily buy a bundle of fresh eucalyptus and add a plaid ribbon. Hang it on your door or any wall inside your unit. It looks like Christmas and it smells good.

2. Buy a plaid wrapping paper and cut them into four. Boom, holiday placemats!

11.2 x 4.2 cm Vintage Vanity Box in Bronze & Gold
11.2 x 4.2 cm vintage vanity box in bronze and gold

3. A gold tray (check the Curated Home collection for a visual) is the perfect setting for miniature ornaments with greens.

4. Bundle those LED lights by tying them with a ribbon. Let them stand on top of your console table close to an outlet (it will look classier if they’re all in one-color like all blue or just warm lights). 

Porcelain Cup and Saucer Set of 2 in Gold
Porcelain cup and saucer (set of 2) in gold

5. Get some of those clear jars and fill them up with candies and ornaments. Place them on your coffee table, console or any corner that needs cheering up. 

6. If you have plants in your balcony, just add Christmas lights. It's easy and a great way to liven up a space.

Curated Home Holiday Collection
Robinson’s Department Store’s Curated Home Holiday Collection

You can also take inspiration from the vignettes Kish assembled for the latest Curated Home Holiday Collection, which is all about Christmas gift items that can brighten up any home that you’d want them in your own home, too. Polish and imperfection play a delicate balance in this new collection. Beautiful trays are finished in brass, while boxed desk organizers have elegant resin details, finished in gold. The aged finishes evoke family heirlooms. Adorn your Noche Buena table with festive plates, mugs, and bowls in ornate metallic finishes. A little holiday sparkle goes a long way. 

Visit @curatedhomeph for more gift ideas.