Chris Pratt’s travel essentials and his killer combo for beating jetlag 2
Packing it in: Pratt with two numbers from Tumi

Chris Pratt’s travel essentials and his killer combo for beating jetlag

Did you know that Star-Lord has a farm in San Juan Islands, or that he can’t go on a long trip without a Rubik’s cube, or that he likes tequila in-flight? The groom-to-be and movie superhero shares what it’s like to be always on the road.
ANCX | Jun 11 2019

It’s been a busy 12 months for Chris Pratt. Late last year, he got engaged to author Katherine Schwarzenegger. (Yes, she’s the 29-year old daughter of Maria Shriver and former California Governor “Ah-nold” Schwarzenegger.) The couple are in the midst of preparing for the nuptials, which is set for some time in the last quarter of 2019. Of course, Pratt also figured in the mega blockbuster Avengers: Endgame two months ago. (If you haven’t seen it by now, that’s on you.) And the 39-year-old is set to reprise his role as Star-Lord in the next installment of Guardians of the Galaxy, which is part of phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Good luck figuring out when that actually is.)


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Chris Pratt’s travel essentials and his killer combo for beating jetlag 3

Pixar also recently announced that he will star in their next big film Onward alongside fellow MCU actor Tom Holland. “I’m going to go shoot a cool new sci-fi movie called Ghost Draft later this year,” he adds. “I’m not sure where exactly we will be filming but I’m excited for you all to see it when it’s finished!”

Tumi also recently got Pratt to be the face of their latest campaign for Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Featuring the brand’s Alpha 3 and Alpha Bravo collections, the campaign includes a journey film that documented his first-ever trip to Hong Kong for the launch. During the party, he also debuted his virtual avatar on the new Tumi Club App, which helps users track their luggage.

“I’m blessed to have a job that allows me to travel so much,” Pratt shares. “Because I travel so frequently and for long periods of time if I’m off to shoot a film on location, I need luggage that can take a beating without falling apart.” The actor shared more about his travel preferences in the Q&A below:

Where in Asia have you been to?

I’ve been to China, Japan, Korea, and now Hong Kong for the first time. The people are so kind here. I had a chance to see the cherry blossoms in bloom in Japan. That was a bucket list thing for me to get to see them. And we had such good sushi—we went to Sukiyabashi Jiro which was incredible. We also had fun singing karaoke. The last time I was in Shanghai we got to take a private boat ride on the Huangpu River which was amazing.

What’s your favorite destination?

I love visiting Hawaii. There is something very special about the islands—it feels almost spiritual for me. Plus, it’s where I got discovered. I was living out of a van, working at Bubba Gump Shrimp in Maui when an actress walked in (Rae Dawn Chong), and she put me in a movie. The rest is history—I bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles and never looked back. I’ve recently had the opportunity to spend more time in Hawaii again because we shot the Jurassic World films there. That said—I’m loving my trip to Hong Kong.

What do you do as soon as you land at a destination?

I usually try to work out as soon as I arrive. It helps me to get my blood circulating to help fight jet lag.

Favorite traveling companion?

My son, Jack.

What do you like to do to relieve stress when you’re shooting overseas?

I try to go fishing or golfing whenever I can. That helps me to decompress. I love the outdoors. It’s my happy place to be out in nature.

What five things you can’t travel without?

My Rubik’s Cube, my laptop, a note, drawing, or toy from my son, exercise resistance bands to workout, my necklace, and my Alpha 3 brief pack.

What’s the best—and worst—thing about traveling?

Best thing about traveling is getting to see so many amazing places around the world. I would not say there is a “worst” thing about traveling since it truly is such a privilege to have the opportunity to do so—but I definitely get a bit annoyed if my flight is delayed and I’m stuck at the airport for hours.

What’s your favorite in-flight drink?

Tequila on the rocks with lime.

What’s your preferred entertainment on a long flight, or would you rather just sleep?

Usually both. I’ll try to use the time on a long flight to catch up on reading scripts or watching movies. I’ll also sleep too especially if it’s an overnight flight so that I can try to land and have an easier time adjusting to the different time zone.

Chris Pratt’s travel essentials and his killer combo for beating jetlag 4

What do you wear on trips?

Usually a baseball cap with athletic wear and sneakers so that I can be comfortable on the plane.

Do you have a secret to beating jetlag?

Working out and lots of coffee!

When was the last time you travelled for fun—and where?

I have a farm up in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State in the US. It’s so beautiful. I love going up there when I have time off to unplug and enjoy nature.

Tips for staying healthy when travelling?

Trying to steer clear of too much sugar and bread. Of course it’s so fun to taste all the local cuisines of where you are visiting, but moderation is really key.

If you could go on holiday to any of the places portrayed in your movies, where would you go?

So many to choose from! Maybe Isla Nublar from Jurassic World. I would love to go fishing there on that island.

What’s on your travel playlist?

Mostly country music. I love Chris Stapleton, George Strait, Garth Brooks and so many more.


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