Current obsession: the bespoke Snowman Barbour Jacket 2
Photograph from @the_property_of_james_bond on Instagram

Current obsession: the bespoke Snowman Barbour Jacket

The Queen’s preferred jacket and 007’s chic coverup in Skyfall just added a new name to its history: Sir Raymond Briggs of The Snowman
Monchet Olives | Dec 12 2018

Nothing spells country gentleman more than the waxed Barbour Jacket. Every sartorialist must have one. It is the perfect trip jacket while visiting the vineyards in the fall. It has been photographed worn by the Queen in Balmoral, and seen on film as worn by Daniel Craig’s 007, in Skyfall, while he witnesses his own estate burn down in the Scottish countryside, shotgun in his hands. The cover-up of choice for the landed gentry, it is also the quintessential rugged weather gear. For us Pinoys, we bring it out during the rainy weather so we don’t get caught in the squall between our SUV and the driveway.

Barbour is one of those brands with history in every stitch. Founded by John Barbour in 1894 in England, “J. Barbour and Sons” began as a business importing oil cloth used to keep cargo dry. Under his grandson, Duncan, the company introduced motorcycle jackets the likes of which Paul Newman made famous.

Current obsession: the bespoke Snowman Barbour Jacket 3
@Barbour on Instagram

This year, the jacket has enhanced its status even more as object of desire. Five Barbour jackets feature an exclusive drawing by the esteemed author of The Snowman, Sir Raymond Briggs. Briggs is an English illustrator, graphic novelist, cartoonist and author who has achieved critical and popular success. An icon in the UK, his The Snowman is a Christmas tradition and has been adapted to cartoons, theater, music and television. Now it can be seen in the lining of a Barbour jacket.

The five jackets—an Olive Men’s Barbour Ashby Waxed Jacket, an Olive Women’s Barbour Beadnell Waxed Jacket, a Children’s Barbour Boy’s Beaufort Waxed Jacket, and one Children’s Barbour Girl’s Navy Blue Bower Waxed Cotton Jacket—will be raffled off. You must check out their website at for this great opportunity. It all feels very Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket!