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Holiday Gift Guide: For the sartorialist who may already have it all

A brat’s list for the merriest of holidays
Monchet Olives | Nov 26 2018

The Holidays are extremely complicated, especially, when purchasing for someone for whom the world is an oyster—not the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, for even that may be too pedestrian for this kind of guy. What to give the man who we already know has his look down pat, and possesses the necessary accoutrements to go with it? Fortunately, the style and luxury world never lacks for new things to add to his army of accessories. 

Here we go, a head-to-toe gift guide for the appreciative gentleman sartorialist.

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THE PANAMA HAT (which originally hails from Ecuador). Be it for the golf game at the country club, or sitting at the stands during polo season at the Polo Club or at Calatagan, or fishing out in the depths of Siargao on a cruiser—the right hat is always welcome. Panama hats are something you would find at Lock Hatters, and are available locally at the Signet store in Powerplant Mall. 

A CUSTOM PAIR OF EYEWEAR BY ATELIER BAUDIN. I would never play around with inexpensive eyewear—the sun can do serious damage to our fading eyesight. If you’re feeling splashy, have a pair made for that special person. These gentlemen come to the Philippines a few times a year, so hold off the gift till you meet them. And be ready to give your left eye as payment. 

A DENIM JACKET. It’s back and every guy needs one. Check out the make-your- own gimmick at the local Levi’s store, or search for Leon Denim for that Japanese edge. and

A BARBOUR BEDALE COUNTRY JACKET. No doubt the best jacket for travel. Will make a country gent out of every man. It is the perfect companion for when heading off to temperate Europe like Madrid, or checking out the vineyeards in Tuscany. Thrown in an inner sweater just because. 

THE CUSTOM DRESS SHIRT. Nothing spells elegance than a custom monogrammed dress shirt. Drag yourself (who else worked harder this year than you?) or your dad or your partner to Ascot Chang at Rustan’s. Have a few made. A dress shirt is an integral part of a man’s clothing armory. and 

CUFFLINKS FROM KATHY AND KATHY BESPOKE. When wearing that French cuff shirt or a barong, cufflinks are always important. Kathy and Kathy Bespoke has a new line that fits the bill. But why not keep it classic and have it monogrammed, too, by K and K. If it’s good enough for Peter Guber, it should be good enough for the boss. 

A ZEGNA BLAZER. In navy, with two buttons. Ermenegildo Zegna is a brand I have been wearing for over 25 years. While you’re at it, update your ties as well. 

AN OVERNIGHT BAG FROM FRANK CLEGG. Granted you’ve set up your new Rimowas, but I always recommend a spot duffle to bring with you on board to put the things that you need to be easily reachable: the ipad, the book, the travel blanket. Steer clear of the branded bag, and keep to classics like Frank Clegg: solid hard working totes that may outlive your relationships. 

SCARVES AND POCKET SQUARES. Often overlooked, especially during the travel season, scarves and pocket squares will add color to your wardrobe. Cashmere scarves give a supple warmth. Pocket squares you can choose by season or occasion—linen for summer, silk for a formal affair, and a mix of both is great for all year. I recommend checking out Hermes, Drakes, Liverano and Liverano, and Searfine. Honestly, go to Drakes online and you’re set.,,, and

A BURBERRY TRENCH COAT. It’s one of those items that you buy and will be able to use for the rest of your life. Buy it in a size or so bigger, and fit it with a jacket in mind. Think Casablanca (classic Burberry), or be avant-garde and choose a trendy handpainted number. 

A PAIR OF SUPERGA WHITE SNEAKERS. Everyone needs a pair of classic white sneakers. My preference is Superga: it’s cheap and functional. A pair of classic release Stan Smith or Jack Purcells (J Crew has a limited edition) will do no harm. None of these stacked-up trainers please. 

A SILVER SWISS KNIFE FROM TIFFANY’S is a perfect stocking stuffer. It’s like getting ready for the Apocalypse in style. Also, collar stays. Tiffany has silver ones, but Ascot Chang or even Banana Republic will keep the collar up through an endless night of drinking. 

THE BRUNELLO CUCINELLI TRAVEL BLANKET AND PILLOW IN PURE CASHMERE. Will make that trip to Oslo so much for comfortable, after you’ve downed your share of the vintage Cristal onboard.