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Holiday Gift Guide: For the executive still at work after office hours

Think drinks and the appropriate enablers, and the most comfortable things he (or she) could walk around the office in
Paolo Pineda | Nov 16 2018

The holidays are a particularly stressful season for the executive—when last minute strategies need to be executed in full force to meet the year’s targets. What's the present he would appreciate most? Comfort. How does that translate into things you can actually buy and wrap in a pretty package? Here are 11 ideas.  

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BOTANIST GIN WITH BOTTLES OF FEVER TREE TONIC WATER. What’s the best way to end a day hard at work and worrying over bottom line? A cocktail is the first thing that comes to mind. Nothing can be simpler and more refreshing than a G & T. The Botanist Gin is a delicious gin from the small island of Scotland, and the Fever Tree tonic comes from a blend of botanical oils, spring water and quinine from the ‘fever trees’ of Eastern Congo. Think of it like picking up the tab on his daily drink. 

A BAR SET FROM CRATE AND BARREL. You already supplied the poison. Might as well equip his room/cubicle with the right paraphernalia. 

BARBOUR JACKET WORN BY DANIEL CRAIG IN SKYFALL. Embodies both coolness and tradition, this easy-to-wear, pair-with-anything sports jacket is lined with Barbour tartan and features “soft leather-bound cuffed edges, shoulder and elbow patches, two zipped rear pockets, and a button-up throat flap.” The silhouette is slim so get a size bigger—for more comfort and to approach the current trend for slouchy cover-ups. 

DOEK SLIP ONS. Think of it as Vans for the Monocle-reading set. Simple. Easy. Made of roughly woven canvas, and “the footbed is made with naturally-breathing cork.” Available in Signet Powerplant. 

A SET OF 6 BORDEAUX RIEDEL WINE GLASSES. He may have the best wine but does he have the right tool? Riedel’s Bordeaux wine glasses, made of machine blown lead crystal, are especially designed for your Cab Sauv and Merlot. 

LE CREUSET WA127 WINE COOLER CARRIER. A convenient way to chill the vino. Perfect for picnics or, you know, watching the kids’ games. 

A 10,000 PESO GC FROM SIGNET. If he’s not well-versed in the style department, this is the place where he can’t go wrong. Available in Signet Powerplant. 

LATEST CAMINO SLIP ONS BY HARLAN AND HOLDEN. The next best thing to walking barefoot. 

THE PORTER SHORT WEEKENDER FROM MONOCLE. As chic nondescript as you can get. Perfect for a mini-break. Spacious but compact, with a removable tote (for your small items) and removable pouch (for toiletries). 

A PAIR OF INCOTEX TROUSERS. Supposedly the best trousers in the world. Made with the finest fibers, and technological gestures that approach the avant garde. 

MOUNT EDEN CABERNET SAUVIGNON. Elegant, restrained, with a very masculine texture. From the Santa Cruz mountains of California.