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Winter is coming (and Uniqlo and Alexander Wang have you covered. literally.)

Style meets substance in this new Uniqlo Collaboration that marries form and function, style and comfort.
ANCX Staff | Nov 14 2018

Uniqlo. It’s universal. It’s dependable. It’s sometimes stylish. But that’s set to change with the new Alexander Wang collaboration with the retail streetwear (now lifewear) king. The range improves on the Uniqlo Heattech idea of winter undergarments that are stylish and light, even as they’re used during intemperate and cold weather conditions. The new line presents Heattech as lifewear—clothes that can keep you warm but won’t embarrass you when you shed your outer layers in front of the one you love (or are with).  Think of it as innerwear that’s so stylish, it can also be your outerwear.

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Uniqlo and Alexander Wang 2018 Fall/Winter Collection 

W Heattech Shorts 

Heattech Ribbed Crew Neck 

Heattech Ribbed Boxer Briefs 

Warmth Reimagined Campaign 

Warmth Reimagined Campaign


This new collection of Heattech and Heattech Extra Warm promises the old functionality of the previous Heatteach line but both capitalize on the stylish and chic silhouette. They’re slim and sharp; some pieces—as in the Women’s Tank Tops—are versatile and can be styled with Uniqlo’s many outerwear offerings. In an unprecedented turn, Heatteach undergarments are available for both men’s and women’s lines, with the Uniqlo and Alexander Wang logos adorning their waistbands like a bold statement.

The collection also comes with a range of colors, from Wang’s signature black to neon green, a color that should be a disaster but charmingly isn’t. The line marries futuristic elements with sporty touches by way of glossy ribbed materials that hearken back to the neon and teased 80s. The visual allure of the bias weave fabric also represents this collection—the fabric is kinetic and uniquely changes with body movement.

Winter might be coming, but you’re more than a little prepared.