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Down to basics: How to build a wardrobe with potential to impress

With the range of menswear that’s available and the growing number of styles  to choose from, where does a man even begin to get a solid grip on the pieces that he must have in his closet? Kevin Yapjoco agrees to help.
Kevin Yapjoco | Nov 14 2018
(Clockwise from top) Edward Green Duke in Mink Suede, Edward Green Dover in Dark Oak Antique Calf, Edward Green Cardiff in Snuff Suede, Edward Green Chelsea in Black Calf


A man can get by on a few well-chosen, well-made pairs—athletic footwear not included.

1. Plain cap-toe shoes in black calf are the go-to pair for the most formal of occasions, whether you’re in a suit or barong tagalog.

2. A split-toe derby is a great way to make a suit or jacket look more casual while remaining dressy. This pair can also be worn with cotton chinos and denim.

3. Brogues in light brown suede add texture, and go with pants made from heavier fabric like flannel, tweed, and denim.

4. Penny loafers usually come in calf, but dark brown suede makes them even more casual and charming. Pair these with cotton or linen trousers.


(Clockwise from top) Avino Navy and White Stripe Spread Collar Shirt, Avino Pink Royal Oxford Buttondown Collar Shirt, Avino Pale Blue Spread Collar Shirt, Avino Pinpoint Oxford Buttondown Collar Shirt


When it comes to shirts, you can’t go wrong with white, blue and combinations thereof. Wear white for formal affairs; blue shirts look less stark “office-y.”

For collars, spreads or button-downs work best. A spread collar flatters many face shapes and is great with neckties. The collar can also be worn open with the points tucked neatly under the lapels of the jacket for a look that’s casual but put together. On the other hand, a buttondown collar looks Ivy League, and works well with a necktie or worn open.


(Clockwise from top) Drake’s Pocket Square, Abbeyhorn Comb, Muller and Bros. Grandpa’s Coin Case, The Flat Head Leather Bracelet, Tie Your Tie Necktie


Add personality to a basic outfit. Pocket squares from Drake’s and neckties from Tie Your Tie lend character, with their beautiful prints and patterns. Their lightweight fabrics and hand-rolled edges also give an air of nonchalance. The Flat Head leather bracelets age gracefully over time, acquiring a beautiful patina with everyday wear. Abbeyhorn combs are made from ethically sourced buffalo horn, making each piece one of a kind. Muller and Bros. grandpa’s coin case has a money clip that adds versatility to a classic design.


Ring Jacket Cotton Suit


For warmer weather and casual occasions, a cotton suit is indispensable. It has an air of relaxed elegance and the right amount of wrinkles that say, “I’m not working today.”


This story first appeared in Vault Magazine Issue 23 2016.