A screengrab from Nike's moving new commercial “You Can’t Stop Us”
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This new Nike ad might just be the most awesome movie of 2020

And if you’re not into sports, it will most likely make you a convert. 
ANCX | Jul 31 2020

It is the odds, the hurdles, the barriers that enable us to transcend ourselves. That’s the message of the awesome, inspiring, moving new Nike commercial “You Can’t Stop Us” posted today by the global athletic brand. As of this writing, the video is already on its 8th hour and it’s already clocked in more than 3.2 million views on YouTube. 

The commercial features split screen treatment of different sports footage.

The video features superstars Megan Rapinoe, Serena Williams, and Lebron James, among others. It touches on the biggest world concerns of the moment—the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter—showing how the world of sports have been affected by a crisis, and how sports can effect change on a crisis. With its split screen treatment, using one existing sports footage segueing into the next, the TVC is both a technical achievement in editing and also video research.


Finally, it’s hard to miss the video’s message for the world and not just the sports fans: if we do it together, we will overcome. “Because as athletes, we are never alone,” says the company message on YouTube, taking care to add that each person with a body the brand considers an athlete, making the video’s message supremely inclusive. “Sports unites us. Strengthens us. Keeps us pushing ahead. No matter what, we will always come back stronger, together.” 

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