Floral brooches made of silk organza and feathers give the models an ethereal vibe.
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ANCXclusive: Loewe goes big, baggy, and breathable for Spring/Summer 2020

Ever heard of a djellabas? Well, Jonathan Anderson wants you to give it a whirl. ANCX was in attendance for the Spanish luxury label’s Parisian presentation, where ensembles were distinctly billowy. 
Renee Ultado | Jul 04 2019

Imagine a light cotton shirt floating in a summer breeze. Imagine that same shirt, but in a hefty suede. Does it still float? In the Loewe Spring/Summer 2020 show, it does. Presented at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, djellabas in the house’s signature “cashmere suede,” both buttery and structured at the same time, swooshed by the audience. Followed by roomy trousers, striped caftans, and a translucent tank top that extends to become an easy day dress, the collection evokes a nomad in perpetual vacation.


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The models, styled with organza brooches pinned on their hair, had an elf-like aura about them. This makes the Loewe man very hard to picture in a bustling cityscape like Shanghai or New York. Yet, when broken down, the looks feature straightforward pieces, simple lines cut in luxurious breathable fabrics, some of which were sourced in woven communities in Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, and Japan.

Delectably easy, with occasional flexes of what the Spanish fashion house does best: quirky design details and ultra-desirable leather goods. Baskets handwoven in premium calfskin highlight the house's current authority on artisanal leatherwork. New shapes (like a shopper tote that doubles as a backpack and a hammock-like shoulder bag called the Berlingo) join their bestselling mainstays: the iconic Puzzle Bag and the overnight success Gate Bag, both blown up to XXL proportions this season.

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The new Loewe shopper tote (model's left hand) doubles as a backpack. 

A djellaba with matching flared trousers cut in the house's signature "cashmere suede" leather. 

The return of gladiator sandals? Here it's styled with an easy cotton dress shirt and washed silk dungarees. 

Rethinking the classic duffle coat with unwashed denim sourced from Japan.

When broken down, the looks feature straightforward pieces, simple lines cut in luxurious breathable fabrics.

A flowy suede coat made electric by this season's accessories from Loewe: a Loewe bag in a new patchwork colorway and a fresh sneaker model made with leather and suede. 

The cool tuxedo, here in relaxed denim. The blue jeans are spliced at the hem and knotted back again to create a new silhouette. 

This is all revelatory of the well-oiled Loewe machinery. They have found a rhythm that works – playing up the house’s strengths, reinventing well-loved pieces, and a sincere dedication to craftsmanship. Don’t be fooled by their wispy silk dungarees, elephant phone cases, and gladiator sandals, Loewe means business.


For more information, visit Loewe.com.