(L-R) Yeo Kaa in pigtails, platforms, and a plaid top; Nina Huang proudly bearing the Shake Shack jeepney; Borgy Manotoc wearing the 90s grunge uniform in flannel, reminiscent of bands like Pearl Jam.
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What people wore at Shake Shack Manila’s ’90s party

It was an explosion of denim and flannel at the pre-game rave of the fast casual restaurant as guests came in to partake of burgers and shakes, and each other’s grunge looks. 
Andre Drilon | May 10 2019

The Philippines’ first Shake Shack invited guests for a night of 90s nostalgia, revelry, and an early taste of what’s to come. Grunge rock, flannel, boy bands, and baggy pants all made a comeback, at least for the evening, as a fitting backdrop for the classic burger joint. Why the 90s theme, when the brand only started operations in 2001? Why not? 

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Contemporary internet phenomenon Anti Social Social Club makes an appearance in trademark 90s red buffalo check, among other plaid, patterns, and of course, band tees! 

One of today's most prominent influences from the 90s is the fanny pack. Nowadays the fanny pack is central to contemporary streetwear, wherein it is worn over the shoulder or chest. Pictured twice is the iconic Dior Saddle Bag that debuted SS 2000. 

True 90s kicks were functional sportswear unlike the sneakers of today. Today we worry ourselves with shoe protector spray. Back then, we expected our shoes to survive the daily wear and tear of say, an avid skateboarder or b-baller's life. 

Many 90s bags were tiny and had a childlike appearance, directly referencing your favorite band or show (in this case Sailor Moon). 

The double denim style was as much 90s as it was 80s, an example of how the decade re-framed fashion trends of the past. 

90s humor was founded on edgy MTV shows like Daria. Injecting snark and sarcasm in daily conversation was a way of identifying yourself within the growing counterculture of grunge. This meant being "real" even if it meant being imperfect or dirty. 

Billy Crawford, Troy Montero, and Coleen Garcia-Crawford showing off their best 90s looks. Boy Band tracksuit, Beavis and Butthead tee, and Chicago Bulls jersey! 

Ripped jeans, band tee, choker, and blond hombre, all make her look like an actual time traveler. 

Shake Shack turned into quite the 90s joint. The dance floor was packed while the DJ blasted songs from The Cranberries and Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Grunge fashion was the 90's youth's way of subverting expectations of being proper, as exemplified by these two bad girls, one in a ripped up schoolgirl uniform and the other in a revealing jumpsuit combo. 

Angelo de Cartagena from Mega Magazine shows you how to sport baggy pants like it's the 90s. 

A simple leather jacket and sports top (this one has 7Up on it!), two go-to looks popularized by 90s boy bands. 

From left: Newly engaged Christi McGarry and Eduardo Lara, dressed just like AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys; Samantha Lee in modern grunge, with Mari Jasmine.

From left: JM Rodriguez decked out in Nintendo gear; A modern streetwear interpretation of 90s tee over long sleeves, originally a skateboarder's way of protecting his arms from road rash. 

A collection of patterns, prints and denim make up today's girl version of the 90s. 

Some patterns and colors are just inherently 90s, immortalized by a generation of animators working on MTV channel bumpers (the fill-ins advertising the channel itself between programs and commercials). 

The Manila restaurant of the New York-born fast casual chain is located in Central Square in BGC. It officially opens its doors today at 11am. Visitors may try their classic menu items as well as options available only here. “We’re proud to finally unveil our Manila menu that was created with high standards of excellence: thoughtful ingredient sourcing and preparation, hospitality and quality that will provide a value that is accessible for our Filipino customers,” says SSI Group president Anton Huang, whose company brought Shake Shack to the Philippines. Some of the store's Manila-exclusive menu includes Ube shake, Calamansi Limeade, and the Calamansi Pie Oh My which is a collaboration with Wildflour.

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Shake Shack is at Central Square in Bonifacio High Street at Bonifacio Global City along Fifth Avenue in Taguig. For more information, visit @ShakeShackPH on Instagram.

Photographs by Andre Drilon