For Spring-Summer 2020, Uniqlo is introducing its Livable Cities campaign.
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With organic and weather-proof materials, Uniqlo's latest pieces are Climate Change-ready

The latest campaign from the fashion brand takes its cues from everyday life and the cities we live in.
Gio Ramon | Mar 05 2020

Everyone’s favorite basics brand is off to a promising start for 2020, with a new concept that seems to be more forward-looking than previous years. For its Spring/Summer collection, UNIQLO keeps to a theme for their LifeWear line. Called Livable Cities, it’s broken into categories: Outdoors, Work & Craft, and Art & Design. The reason behind this? The world is adapting to more sustainable social systems, and people are actively incorporating more environmental practices in their everyday life.

Pieces in the Outdoors category are water-resistant.

There’s a distinct nautical theme for Outdoors, with the idea that people are now building waterfront projects and engineering structures that resist natural disasters. Clothes in this category make use of water-resistant materials, with padded jackets intended to warm seafarers on their voyages.

For Work & Craft, the brightly-colored pieces are made of organic materials.

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Work & Craft takes an agricultural approach, with urban farming being their main inspiration. The clothes are fittingly made of organic materials, balancing functionality and fashion. Bright, produce-hued pieces that UNIQLO says you can wear straight to your farm after a day at the office.

Minimalism is the guiding principle for Art & Design.

Perhaps the least defined of these three is Art & Design, which touches on sustainability through minimalism, and the use of palettes inspired by mineral colors. It’s mostly trench coats and smart blazers, which could be the brand’s idea of “artsy” this season.

The brand continues its successful collaboration with British designer JW Anderson.

Outside of the themed releases, the collection that most suits our current climate is the updated AIRism line. The new Micromesh has improved breathability by 25 percent, and stretchiness by 40 percent. And later this year, AIRism Cotton will make its debut with shirts having a dual layer material with cotton on the outside and AIRism on the inside. Certain AIRism pieces also continue the brand’s successful UV protection mark, making use of materials that block harmful rays on the skin.

Later this year, AIRism Cotton will make its debut with shirts having a dual layer material.

Some of the brand’s other ongoing collaborations also came up with new pieces, such as its JW Anderson line, which has a British Country Style theme for Spring/Summer 2020.


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