Classic silhouettes that do not restrict movement distinguish the Anto shirt. Photograph from the Official Website of Anto Beverly Hills
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This dress shirt maker has 10 patterns on record specifically made for Sinatra

Hollywood stars like Frank turn to Anto for bespoke shirts with mother-of-pearl buttons.
Giancarla Espinosa-Aritao | Feb 21 2019

Any doubts on the quality of Anto when it comes to bespoke dress shirts can be dispelled by the fact that they have 10 shirt patterns on record specifically made for Frank Sinatra, leader of the Rat Pack and a well-known fashion icon.

The tradition began over 50 years ago and is now continued by the founder’s sons, Jack and Ken, who took over the company when their father passed away.

Under their helm, Anto has expanded its reach in luxury fashion. Today, the company produces over a hundred shirts a day, with all of the shirts made within their premises.

Anto’s new site in Sherman Oaks boasts of over 10,000 square feet housing production facilities, and a library of records. It is also a place where the meticulous services of the company is seen, as shown by records it has kept since 1955. Each of the 9,000 patterns housed in the shop shows the preferences of clients when it comes to collar, cuff, and fabric. A customer who comes in for a bespoke shirt will have his records kept for future reference.

The collars are given special attention to help them maintain their shape.

Anto has distinctly conservative tastes when it comes to its dress shirts, in its efforts to blend old-world techniques with the modern. The fabrics used are undoubtedly traditional, having been sourced from European mills in Italy, Switzerland, and England. Thousands of fabric choices are available for clients to choose from. The prints such as stripes and checks are only the beginning.

Anto also offers different compositions, such as pure Sea Island cotton, twill, royal oxford, and silk.

Colorful, pinstriped Italian Cotton fabrics in the making to become another one of a kind.

Anto’s style philosophy is not so much rooted in how it looks, but rather how it fits. The aesthetic follows when the fabric drapes the body correctly, and the wearer can move without limitation. It is no surprise then that the brand has become a favorite of Hollywood, having been donned by characters in movies like Wall Street and Inception, and worn by celebrities like Michael Douglas and Richard Gere on the red carpet.


Getting an Anto

Like other brands offering bespoke services, Anto provides its clients a myriad of options when it comes to creating customized dress shirts. A client makes an appointment with the shop, and discusses fabric and design options with a consultant.

The client’s measurements are then taken. It takes up to 15 measurements, around eight of which are focused on the collar alone, in order to create the ideal fit for the dress shirt. Anto believes in taking the measurements in person. While statistics can be sent through phone or email, it does not guarantee accuracy. Further, additional fittings may be scheduled in order to ensure that the dress shirt is properly measured.

After the pattern of the shirt is created and the fabric is cut, the pieces that will compose the shirt are put together using single-needle stitches. The collars are given meticulous attention by being lined with fabric, in order to help them retain their shape longer despite frequent use. The buttons, which are mother-of-pearl, are hand-sewn. Finally, a monogram can be hand-stitched at the request of the client.

Master tailors have the ability to draw lines on the cloth freehand.

The bespoke services of Anto shirts may be availed of at their two locations in the US. The flagship store in Beverly Hills is open Mondays to Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Sherman Oaks shop is open Mondays to Fridays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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Photograph from Anto Beverly Hills