The camera’s electronic viewfinder boasts a resolution of 5.76 megapixels, allowing for a large, entirely natural-looking viewfinder image.
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The Leica SL2 camera sets a new standard for mirrorless cameras

With streamlined design, improved ergonomics, high performance autofocus system, Leica’s new technological marvel makes a perfect companion for all forms of shooting.
Partner Feature | Jan 27 2020

Heeding the valued feedback of photographers and existing SL owners, Leica once more pushes the envelope of technological innovation and performance to the next level with the Leica SL2.

The SL2 offers an innovative user interface which allows photographers to focus their attention on the creative process. The design alignment with the existing M and Q systems makes the adjustment even easier for existing Leica photographers.

In multishot mode, the tripod-mounted camera can record up to eight consecutive frames.

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The main recording parameters can be viewed on the rear display and adjusted quickly and easily with a simple finger tap. A click wheel, a joystick, and three strategically placed, individually configurable buttons also contribute to a straightforward operation. Two dedicated status menus—for stills and video recording—can be adjusted separately from each other.

Despite significant technical improvements, and the presence of in-body stabilization, the Leica SL2 has kept the same size as its predecessor and feels particularly compact to handle. The SL2’s IP54 certification ensures an elevated weather sealing for more rugged situations, while a new option to turn off noise reduction during long exposures allows for more hands-free shooting. Less worry about the weather and environmental situations means photographers can focus more on getting the shot.

The SL2’s autofocus is significantly faster and allows for a virtually lag-free shutter release in any shooting situation.

The camera’s enormous dynamic range, a color depth of 14 bits per RGB channel, and a sensitivity of up to ISO 50,000 enable outstanding image quality in all lighting conditions. Even when combined with Leica TL lenses, which are designed for the smaller sensor format of the Leica TL2 and CL, the SL2’s sensor still delivers an excellent image resolution of over 20 megapixels.

Its high-performance autofocus system also automatically detects whether a subject is stationary or in motion, and subsequently switches between motion and focus priority. It also features a suspended sensor, which adjusts its position in order to quickly and efficiently compensate for camera shake.

In multishot mode, the tripod-mounted camera can record up to eight consecutive frames, whereby the sensor is shifted in half-pixel increments in between every exposure. This key feature results in images with an incredible quadrupled resolution of around 187 megapixels, leading to an extreme increase in detail resolution.

Full-resolution recordings of consecutive images are possible at 10 frames per second with the focal plane shutter, and 20 frames per second with the electronic shutter.

The SL2 speaks the language of cinematographers, as the camera is able to record up to 60 frames per second in Cine 4K mode, and up to 180 frames per second in Full-HD mode. Connecting audio equipment to the Leica SL2 no longer requires the use of adapters, as the camera now features a built-in headphones and mic jack, complemented by an HDMI connector for external monitors.

The new Leica SL2 is supported by Leica FOTOS, a versatile app available for Android and iOS Smartphones that connects directly to the camera via Wi-Fi (Bluetooth® is supported where available).


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