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Seven habits of a good-smelling athlete

Be a good sport.
Ronna Capili | Aug 29 2018

It sure seems like there’s a seven step process to almost anything people want to accomplish, like personal success and even getting good scores in the dating scene. So why not apply that same number to personal care? The number is, after all, believed to be auspicious. Here are seven simple and proven tips, straight from the mouths of athletes and sports enthusiasts.


1. Change out of your sports gear immediately after a game. If you’re wearing regular clothes for your activities like T-shirts, change as much as you can, or towel off your sweat. Allowing the sweat to dry and stay on your clothes and body won't just give you bad odor, it can also give your personal items—your car included—a bad smell.


2. Shower, shower, shower. Nothing beats the basic shower after sweating it out. Including body wash in your grooming kit is advisable because of its no-mess packaging, which also means you can shower anytime, most anywhere.

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3. Regularly replace easily changeable equipment such as pads and gloves. “Residual dirt and sweat cause it to have a stench” says Ronz, figure skating coach and choreographer. Take time to properly clean out your other equipment.

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4. Use products made from natural ingredients as much as possiblethey’re both earth-friendly and react favorably with our skin. 


5. It would be pointless to smell good but have terrible breath. Make sure to keep your breath smelling fresh with proper brushing habits. Keep mints, gum, or mouthwash handy.


6. Short hairstyles are advisable for those who lead an active lifestyle and who must wash their hair frequently. That’s one grooming concern less, and there is less likelihood of sticky and smelly hair. It can also serve to protect vision while playing sports. Wakeboarder and soccer player Mike advises: “If you can't manage it, cut it.” Don’t lose points just because your is blocking your view. 


7. Don’t abuse your body. Proper and ample rest won't only be good for your body, it will also do good in the looks department.



This article originally appeared in Metro Him