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Short Cuts: How smart hairstyling can easily hide your flaws

Thinking of surgery just to hide big ears? Two experts give their advice.
Maricris Orpiano | Aug 29 2018

Long Chin. Hair should not be too short. Medium length is perfect. Long hair is a big no-no, as it only emphasises the length of the face. Glenn Roxas of Emphasis Salon suggests it shouldn't have too much volume on top. A style with side part, moving slightly forward is perfect.


Square Face. According to Richard, men with this type of face should have side swept bangs that will create diagonal lines, minimizing the squarish corners and hiding the jaws. The key is to frame the face. Anime type of hairstyles are ideal. If it’s too funky, one can have a “slightly layered hair that caresses the nape” adds Glenn.

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Round face. For a round face, Glen suggests a cut that’s thin on the sides and with volume on top which adds height at the crown. To create balance, cut shouldn't be too round, as it only emphasized the roundness of the face. Cut should be more squarish on the side. To create an illusion of length, men with round face can also spike up the hair a bit.


Long neck. Definitely a textured crop with layers framing the face will draw the attention away from the neck. Medium length and thickness of hair is suggested. “Barber’s cut and flat tops should be avoided because these cuts only emphasize the neck more says Richard. Glenn adds “a slightly long hair with wisps of layers at the nape is perfect especially for those who have wavy hair.



No neck. To create an illusion of length, men with short neck can have a bit of a spike on top. Sides should be clean. Bangs should be avoided because this will make the face look even smaller, emphasizing the short neck.


Wide forehead. Mid-length side bangs is definitely the answer for this. Mid length hair and long hair are okay. According to Richard, super short, military type of hair should be avoided if one wants to draw attention away from the forehead.

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Receding hairline. For guys with receding hairline, Richard suggests “not to hide it anymore” You don’t have to do it skinhead style, but make sure that the hair’s density or thickness is the same on all sides and areas of the head. If the shape of the head is nice, a shaved look wouldn't be bad.


Weak chin. Go with a mid-length hair with layers that will frame the face so the attention is on the hair, not on the problem area. Long hair ala rockstar look is okay; because it sort of lengthens the face, thereby drawing attention away from the chin.

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Big ears. Richard Perello of Henri Calayag Salon suggests a short, graduated layer for guys with big ears. Layers should be slightly covering the ears, maybe around one fourth of the area.


Big head. Men with big heads should avoid wearing very short hair as it makes the bigness of the face and the head pop out more. Long hair is also a no-no, as it makes the head look even bigger. Mid-length hair with just the right amount of thickness balances the shape of the head. For this, Glenn suggests a close crop haircut that’s slightly spiky top.

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This article originally appeared in Metro Him. Photo by Stefan Lorentz for Pexels.