Jigs Mayuga is the host of the new ANCX video series Man Hacks, which will premiere tonight.
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Jigs Mayuga is your new guide to everything grooming, fitness, and self-care

Tonight, ANCX premieres an online series on style, grooming and health solutions for the modern man. Meet your guide. By ANCX Staff 
ANCX | Apr 19 2020

On ordinary days, Jigs Mayuga goes to the gym, lifts weights or does heavy squats—sometimes with a little more push because he’s preparing for a CrossFit competition. On other days, he’s there as an instructor—giving commands, dispensing tips, overseeing others’ forms and repetitions. Then there are days when he plods away with his makeup brushes and palettes, primping the faces of some of the most sought-after celebrities in the country. He vlogs, he writes, and he also posts random photos of him on his Instagram account, clad in sometimes laid-back, mostly dapper clothing.

That’s a regular Jigs Mayuga routine. The man—who went to Manila Science High School in Manila and graduated with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from the University of the Philippines—is always busy, always searching for ways to express his creative side, or just, you know, trying to be his best self. 

A former flight attendant, Mayuga is a crossfit trainer, makeup artist, and a host of other roles that he pursues in the name of creativity.

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A former flight attendant, Jigs pursued his love for makeup by first enrolling at the local Innovations and Concepts, Inc. Then, he travelled the world and honed his skills further: in London, San Francisco, and Milan. A few years ago, he discovered CrossFit, and almost instantaneously found he was good at it.

Coupled with his approachable, nay friendly demeanor, Jigs is easily a buddy you’d go to for many things personal-upkeep-related—even the aspects you thought you didn’t need lecturing on in life.

As someone who has traveled and trained far and wide to be the best he can be, Mayuga is an apt choice to host Man Hacks, which teaches men grooming, self-care, health, and fitness.

Which makes the guy a perfect choice for Man Hacks, ANCX’s guide to men’s grooming, self-care, health and fitness. In the video series, Jigs takes his audience—most of whom are currently home-bound—through the rigors of being at one’s best. In the first episode, he walks us through the steps of achieving the perfect shave—in the event that you have to do it alone by yourself. 

Warning: watching it might send you doing all sorts of everything to scout for beard oil. We’re looking for one ourselves. 

Check out the video below for a teaser of the first episode. 

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