All eyes on Hyun Bin's glass skin in Crash Landing on You. Photo from TVN
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Why do the men of Korean dramas have the best skin? We might have the answer

If you tell us you didn’t for a minute marvel at Hyun Bin’s skin all 16 hours of Crash Landing on You, that’s BS.
Gio Ramon | Feb 18 2020

If you thought the bright-eyed men of Hollywood had set a high enough bar for the standards of male attractiveness, there’s a new cast of Asian stars crash landing into the scene to prove you wrong. Parasite’s big win at the Oscars has everyone catching on to the hallyu wave, and with Crash Landing on You on everyone’s lips and laptops, all eyes are now fully trained on the men of K-drama.

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They’re handsome, alright, but what makes life downright unfair is how effortless they make it appear to maintain their “glass skin.” This new marketing term should be familiar to you if you’ve been actively on social media for the past 5 years. Glass skin is all about a face that is basically immaculate: dewy, poreless, and so clear that if you tried hard enough, you could see right through it.

A decade ago, vain men were all about stripping their faces of moisture in order to keep a matte appearance. Koreans basically upended the skincare market with their revelation –– your skin produces an excess of oil because we kept it so dry. For years we were slathering our faces in alcohol, basically asking for premature wrinkles, while our Korean bruhs’ been nourishing theirs with hydrating ingredients. They got it right from the get-go.

So what chance do any of us rat-faced bastards have against these clear-skinned gods of modern television? Luckily for us, they’ve given us the tools of their trade— the products they endorse. But whether these K drama actors really use them or not, we cannot be so sure. Although there are particular ingredients in each of these products that might be giving Hyun Bin and company that unmistakeable million dollar glow. 


JUNG HAE IN | Facial wash

A regular in historical and fantasy dramas, you would be wrong to assume that he was too young to accurately play the parts thrown at him, but this guy is 31 yet looks like he’s fresh out of high school. As washing up in the shower is the first step in anyone’s skincare routine, taking cues from Dewytree and this deceptively young actor might help you achieve his ageless appearance.

What it might do for you: This cleansing foam is ph-balanced, which ensures that no moisture is stripped from your face. And with tea tree oil as the active ingredient, any irritation sensitive skin might feel is soothed and lightened.



His made-for-TV face made a cameo in Parasite. He was also the love interest in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, and he’s currently the titular star of Itaewon Class. With so many impactful appearances, Laneige took it upon themselves to slather his skin with their toners.

What it might do for you: These aren’t the alcohol-based Master ones that destroyed our faces in the past. Laneige doubles down on the moisture content by including nearly 80% deep sea water in the bottle, which supposedly penetrates as deep into our pores as the waters they were collected from.


PARK BO-GUM | Serums 

This 26-year-old icon is so powerful that the Korean Business Institute has deemed his selling influence as the “Park Bo-gum effect.” The serums of VProve are one line of product that he’s gotten behind.

What it might do for you: This moisturizing cream is overloaded with a powerful skin supplement in rhodiola, a plant grown in high altitudes and used as traditional medicine in Eastern Europe. It is said to stimulate the nervous system as well as liven up fatigued skin.


HYUN BIN | Sheet mask 

The Crash Landing on You captain himself has gained the attention of men and women alike for his tanned complexion. It’s no wonder then that Mediheal hooked him as a brand ambassador.

What it might do for you: This particular mask makes use of witch hazel and sodium hyaluronate, which both cleanse and traps moisture within your moisture barriers.


Got7 | The Face Shop 

If you’ve strolled through a mall, or passed through Guadalupe on EDSA, then you’ve definitely seen the multiple ads these boys have been featured in. 

What it might do for you: The Face Shop is one of the pioneering brands to pierce through the Philippine market, with their products making use of similar ingredients and consistencies as those listed above. If the 7 members of this group trust this company enough to endorse them, it might be enough reason to take them for their word.