Missing your barbero? This barbershop chain can send one to your home 2
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Missing your barbero? This barbershop chain can send one to your home

The pandemic just normalized what once was a luxury service 
ANCX Staff | Jan 25 2021

It’s not exactly a new practice. Men of great wealth and stature, or guys who just like to have their rituals a little more extra, have long had their haircuts done in the comforts of their own homes, by sending for their trusted barbers. There’s more privacy, they reason, and it’s easier to squeeze into their busy schedules. 

But the pandemic has made this practice almost a necessity for many men who need their regular haircuts. These days, even when safety regulations are a little more lax, some guys still feel unsafe inside enclosed spaces such as a salon or barbershop. 

Good thing some establishments now bring their services to the safety and comfort of their clients’ homes, like Felipe and Sons, the upscale barbershop chain known for their premium “barberdashery” services—they can do your hair and craft your suits, too.

The group started offering the at-home barber service in late October 2020 and so far the reception has been great, says cofounder and general manager Martin Warren. Following IATF guidelines, they only offer basic grooming services at the moment—cut (P1,000), two bits or cut and shave (P1,795), full shave, (P1,160), bead trim/beard sculpt (P1,160), and manscaping or cut and rinse, with beard sculpting (P1,795).

Understandably, the rates are a bit higher. Transportation fees are factored in as well as the fraction of time barbers lose from not being available inside their branch. All barbers are brought to the requested location by Felipe and Sons’ own private vehicle.

The service caters to the Taguig, Makati and Ortigas areas without additional transportation expense. It can also be availed in areas like Marikina, Quezon City, and all the way up to Alabang, but the additional transportation expense will be shouldered by the client. Bookings are only done via Facebook messenger and must be made at least two days prior. There are no required minimum or maximum number of clients per booking.

Warren assures his barbers follow the necessary safety protocols when conducting home services. They work in full PPE’s (gown, mask, face shield, and gloves) and all tools are sanitized before and after every session. “Barbers will not do any service unless customers wear a mask—we provide one surgical mask for free for every client,” he says. They also encourage clients to have their haircuts done outdoors. 

Clients are requested to prepare a chair and mirror—and water if they avail of a shave or rinsing. Some clients still prefer going to the barbershop, so Felipe & Sons still offers that option.