Missing the halo-halo at Milky Way? You can now enjoy it at home 2
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Missing the halo-halo at Milky Way? You can now enjoy it at home

Welcome the Milky Way Halo Halo Kit, which arrived just in time for the hot days ahead    
ANCX Staff | Apr 06 2021

A halo-halo is always a good idea. Especially these days when the weather is just getting warmer. One of the more popular halo-halo varieties in Manila is the one served at the very dependable Milky Way in Pasay Road, Makati. It’s actually one of the things the Filipino family restaurant is known for. 

And for good reason: all nineteen ingredients that go into the parfait glass of the Milky Way Halo Halo are made in-house. Imagine the work that goes into each serving! “That means nineteen ingredients were painstakingly made, one by one, tweaked to make the right balance of flavors,” reported Yummy in a 2019 story. 

To those missing the Milky Way Halo-Halo because of the ECQ, the restaurant recently announced this cold specialty can now be enjoyed from the comforts of one’s home and with at least five more members of the family. The Milky Way Halo Halo Kit comes in a reusable thermo bag that contains all the ingredients, inclusive of six sets of cups, spoons and napkins—and easy instructions, just in case you’re not good in assembling things. 

The kit comes in two versions: one with Milky Way Ice Cream (Kit A at P1990) and the other without (Kit B at P1,395). Another option is just to buy your preferred Milky Way Ice Cream separately. The flavors are Ube, Cheese and Avocado, and they each come in half gallon sizes priced at P595. 

To order, just call Milky Way at 02 8843 4124 or 02 8843 7124, or send a text message to 0966 634 5792.