First Moët & Chandon pop up opens in Greenbelt 2
The pop up is like a jewel box right at the center of the Greenbelt 3 courtyard.
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Buying champagne for the holidays? Here’s a photogenic place to do it

The luxury champagne brand Moët & Chandon welcomes the return of stepping out
ANCX Staff | Nov 20 2021

If you're buying champagne in the next few weeks, why not make a day of it? Visit the Moët & Chandon pop up at Greenbelt 3, buy your bubbly, and then proceed to a luxurious dinner around the area. Is there a better excuse to dress up for an errand? 

The newly revived Greenbelt 3 plays host to the pop up which will last up to the 29th of December.

The pop-up is one photogenic meet-up location, perfectly placed like a jewel box right in the middle of a courtyard, an elegant structure in white and gold from which one could glimpse the Greenbelt gardens. While one could buy Moët & Chandon bottles inside and even have them personalized—a pretty swell gift idea for the holidays (because who doesn’t like receiving champagne?)—the people behind the concept have added a couple other activities within the temporary structure that allow for a more immersive experience. 

The brand has chosen the bubbles as the other inspiration for the pop up.

One can watch, for instance, a special film on the history of the luxury champagne brand from a screen just beside the champagne station. A few steps after, there’s a pictorial setting where one can have photos taken with their bottles (be sure to bring the appropriate holiday vibe). 

“The idea was inspired by our ability to finally get together,” says Moët Hennessy Philippines’ Commercial Director, Michael Ellingworth, about this first ever Moët Pop Up in the country. “And Moët is the perfect brand to bring people together.” 

The brand has chosen the bubbles of its, well, bubbly, as the other inspiration for the pop up, a festive symbol that has long been an integral part of the history of the champagne house since its inception in 1743, its “beautifying” sparkle the very quality Jean Remy Moët, grandson of the Maison’s founder, championed around the world. 

“The idea was inspired by our ability to finally get together,” says Moët Hennessy Philippines’ Commercial Director, Michael Ellingworth.

“We hope that Moët & Chandon’s cheerful effervescence will encourage everyone to celebrate with loved ones, glam up, and raise a toast to create unforgettable and stylish moments together,” says Ellingworth.

As the world re-opens, glamming up might be starting to begin again for Filipinos who have been on lockdown for almost two years. And if one is already dressed up to buy champagne and have their pictures taken at the pop-up, why not head on straight to a meal at either one of two luxurious restaurants nearby: Margarita Fores’ Italian restaurant, Lusso, and Colin Mackay’s Sala, the city’s mecca for French fine dining. Starting November 20, these two establishments will provide holiday menus that can be paired with Moët & Chandon.

A champagne tree for the holidays.

Through the pop up, Manila joins Sydney, Johannesburg, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, New York, and Mexico City in hosting a series of events like musical performances and immersive experiences centered on Moët & Chandon’s fine champagnes. 

Have your bottle personalized and send it as a gift.

The pop-up store is open from November 20 to December 29, 2021 but one can also avail of the champagne from the brand’s official e-retailer partner, Click on the link to check out the prices.