Piolo Pascual is actively promoting the Aktor initiative. Right: Frances Makil-Ignacio's Tantanmen for orders. Images from Aktor Tindahan's Facebook and Instagram pages
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The country's most talented actors are the cooks in this online takeout grocery

The initiative is meant to create different income streams which could help many actors in these times when working opportunities are lesser.
ANCX Staff | Nov 05 2020

Aktor, or League of Filipino Actors, was founded in late May as a response to important issues concerning actors, especially those threatening their livelihoods, their lives and their right to free expression. There was that signing into law of the anti-terror bill, for one, and the shutting down of ABS-CBN, the media company that provided jobs to a great many number of performers in the country. It has been a long time since actors had a unified voice in the industry, or a stand in policies that affect not only Pinoy show business but the country as a whole. It's about time they gathered together. 


Banana Cinnamon Rolls by Mikoy Morales. Order from @mikoymorales #aktorph #aktortindahan #patikimngaktor

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Involving actors from the fields of TV, movies and the theater, the group aims to represent their sector in industry issues and rally behind colleagues, like Liza Soberano and Angel Locsin recently, when they need support. But the mission doesn’t end there, it turns out.


Today, the group officially launched Aktor Tindahan, an online specialty grocery store where the merchandise are cooked, prepared, crafted by some of the most talented thespians in the country. Member Marlon Rivera tells ANCX that the project “was meant to create different income streams,” which could help many actors in these times when working opportunities are lesser. 

Browsing through the group’s Instagram feed, one would have an idea of the variety on offer: there’s stage actress Frances Makil-Ignacio’s Tantanmen, there’s a luscious-looking Banana Cinnamon Roll from Bubble Gang’s Mikoy Morales, comedian Ces Quesada’a chicken wings, and theater stalwart Bart Guingona’s Keto Strawberry Cheesecake. There's bottled laing, coffee drip bags, embotido, smoked pork longganisa and many more.

There’s a lot more, of course, more to come in the coming weeks, from Piolo Pascual, Judy Ann Santos, and many others. The testing and vetting of dishes took awhile, says Marlon, that’s why the offerings are in batches. There will also be artista memorabilias and personal accoutrements coming soon. Acting workshops given by actors certified to teach are also in the pipeline.