An indulgent cornucopia 2
Photograph by Berwin Coroza. Styled by Butchie Peña
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An indulgent cornucopia

Säntis Delicatessen remains the top choice for global gourmets, with its extensive range of premium food and wines to suit the holiday season and other occasions perfectly
Marilen Fontanilla | Nov 04 2018

What better way to welcome the holidays than with a crate overflowing with top-of-the-line gourmet treats from Säntis Delicatessen, each item selected for its undisputed quality and taste, satisfying even the most discriminating and discerning palate.


Château Rieussac Premiere Cru Classé 2006

Château Rieussec has been a leading wine in the Sauternes region for several generations. Ranked as a Premier Grand Cru in 1855, it is made with a subtle blend of Sémillon, Sauvignon, and Muscadelle. The 2006 vintage is an elegant yet powerful wine that starts subtly in the mouth, with notes of honey and a long fruity finish. The perfect partner for desserts and a counterpoint for foie gras, each bottle costs P4.352.


Taittinger Nocturne  

This Taittinger is a “sec” or dry Champagne made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes. Blended using grapes of various vintages from around 30 different vineyards, this bubbly is laid down for four years to age before being disgorged. The slow cellar-ageing creates a round, smooth, rich Champagne meant for celebrations, the perfect accompaniment to dessert and foie gras. A bottle is priced at P3,120.


Rougié Goose Liver Paté

From France, Rougié is renowned for bringing the highest quality foie gras and Moulard duck specialties to its global clientele, with a philosophy based on sustainable farming, innovation, and a great passion for details. A delectable treat, this Goose Liver Paté is best savored slowly. One 210-gram costs P3,038.


La Maison Pébeyre Miel à la Truffe d’Été (Honey with Summer Truffle) 

Founded in 1897, the family owned and run La Maison Pébeyre has been focused on truffles for four generations. The truffle honey is an exceptional example of this, with truffle peels still floating in the honey, their intoxicating aroma escaping as soon as the jar is opened. Drizzle it on cheese and pastries for an extraordinary finale. Each 250-gram jar is priced at P1,188.

An indulgent cornucopia 3

Arnott’s Water Crackers

These delicious quality crackers are the perfect accompaniment for any assortment of dips, cheeses, and spreads, a staple when preparing cheese plates or grazing tables over the holidays. Each box is priced at P162.


Balocco Panettone  

This Italian sweet bread is a symbol of Christmas, made from naturally leavened dough and a generous portion of candied fruit and sultanas. Each box costs P432.


Oebel Kölner Christstollen  

Already renowned for its baking traditions, Cologne in Germany is home to traditional Christstollen. This sweet fruit bread is made with the finest flours, spices, sugar, marzipan, and raisins coated in icing sugar. Each box is priced at P450.


Cailler Milk Hazelnuts

Each bar of Caillier chocolate hearkens back to the 19th century when founder Alexandre-Louis Cailler produced milk chocolate using milk from the Gruyère region of Switzerland. Until today, this recognizable Swiss quality is stamped in every bar, especially the Cailler Milk Hazelnuts, where creamy Swiss milk and crunchy hazelnuts combine to create absolute perfection. Each bar costs P513.


Ragusa Classique  

Swiss chocolate Ragusa dates back to 1942, a time when raw materials such as cacao was in short supply. So, Camille Bloch innovated using ground and whole hazelnuts to fill a bar of chocolate. Today, Ragusa still possesses all its original characteristics: same recipe and same method of manufacturing. The Classique boasts a smooth praline filling and whole hazelnuts, in its original rectangular shape. A single bar is priced at P311.


Twinings Togetherness Collection 5-Compartment Paper Caddy

Twinings is all about the passion for tea. With a history dating back to 1706, quality tea has always been at the heart of Twinings, with its vibrant and aromatic blends, from Earl Grey and English Breakfast to Chai Latte and super fruity infusions. You can enjoy the best of Twinings with this special caddy containing an assortment of 20 tea bags to sip away. Each caddy is priced at P680.


The featured crates are sold separately at P611 for the small crate and P740 for the big crate. For more information and list of branches, visit

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Photograph by Berwin Coroza. Styled by Butchie Peña