Where to find your favorite ‘trending treats’ in one place 2
Tuna baked sushi from Sushi Fix Manila
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Where to find your favorite ‘trending treats’ in one place

This food festival at Conrad Manila’s S Maison mall gathers some of the most popular food treats that have trended in the past months 
ANCX | Sep 23 2020

The lockdown may have forced many businesses to close but it also gave birth to new small business operations. Just take a look at your friends’ social media accounts, or Facebook marketplace. It’s bursting at the seams with all sorts of mouth-watering concoctions, from savories to desserts, new food trends to heirloom dishes.

Putting “Quarantine Cuisine” on the spotlight is S Maison’s Local Flavors Food Fest, which is ongoing until September 27 at the upscale mall’s atrium. It gathers some of the most popular dishes that have sprouted in the food landscape in the last six months. 

Here are some of the offerings one can look forward to: 

1. Fedici’s cheesecakes have been a sweet spot for those on quarantine with their premium local quality ingredients. Not to miss are their Signature Strawberry Cheesecake, Brulee, and White Chocolate Alcapone.

2. Brew Fix is a challenger in the cold brew coffee market with its hashtag “Ang kape na #kayakangipaglaban.” The drinks are intentionally crafted to be a bit more concentrated but have strong, smooth, and bold flavors. They also have Bottled Coffee (Cold Brew, French Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Mocha, and Masala Spiced).

3. Kuh Meal, which was born in the middle of the pandemic, serves all sorts of comfort food—baked macaroni, cookies, strawberry milk, and sunflower cake. Have a taste, too, of their Cookies, Cookie Cakes, and Cheesy Garlic Buns.

Where to find your favorite ‘trending treats’ in one place 3
Bite N Melt’s Pearl Tart

4. Monkey Pint offers delightful puddings made with freshly local sliced bananas, vanilla wafer cookies, and sweet vanilla custard. They will be selling Banana Pudding Pints in Chocolate, Hany and Vanilla, too.

5. For those craving for baked sushi, you can enjoy this on-trend dish in Baked California Maki, Salmon, and Tuna Sushi Bake variants courtesy of Sushi Fix Manilarides.

6. Red Mittens Ph, on the other hand, has a version of the baked sushi for the meat lovers–Sushi Beef. They also highly recommend their bestseller, the lemon roasted chicken.

7. For eggtart lovers, there’s Bite N Melt, which offers tarts in Classic, Mango Cheese, Cheese, Taro Cheese, and Pearl flavors, plus their all-time favorite Buo Luo buns.

8. Alberguscatering, which has established a reputation for delivering quality food for more than four decades, offers a wide range of choices—from Pinoy classics to those favorite menus you get to enjoy during special family occasions. You can get their frozen ready-to-cook meals at S Maison.

9. Oeuvre Mnl’s lasagna has been a lockdown favorite with their beef simmered for four long hours to get that rich taste. Their famous chili sauce is also handcrafted with premium ingredients.


The Local Flavors Fest is now at the atrium of S Maison at Conrad Manila from 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM until Sept 27.