This new local ice cream is for adults only 2
The Kahlua Coffee flavor has a coffee base and a twist of Kahlua. Image courtesy of Paco Magsaysay
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This new local ice cream is for adults only

The country’s best ice cream just came out with a line that has a twist of alcohol.
ANCX Staff | Sep 08 2020

Paco Magsaysay had little to no success selling ice cream to different bars in the country. Never mind that his brand, Carmen’s Best, has won awards, is considered to be the country’s, well, best, and the cows that produce the ice cream’s milk component live in peaceful environs, get massages and listen to classical music. 

He needed to create a different brand to cater to the bars segment which was, pre-pandemic, growing fast. Hence, the birth of the J&M Naughty and Nice Cream—which delivers the Carmen’s Best goodness but with a twist of alcohol. “I also used to eat ice cream with some Bailey’s when I was in college,” Magsaysay says when asked why he needed to come up with the line. 

With a more sophisticated-looking packaging, J&M Naughty and Nice Cream has four flavors on offer: Secret Breakfast which has a cream base, cornflake cookies, and infused with Kahlua and bourbon; Irish Coffee which has a coffee base and a twist of Bailey’s; Brown Russian which is cream-based and has Kahlua and whisky; and then there’s Kahlua Coffee, which has a coffee base and has a touch of Kahlua. The ice cream is not for sale to people under 18. 

“The flavors come from a combination of my past experiences of eating ice cream with liquor and recommendations of friends,” says Magsaysay who adds that the line is growing slowly but surely. “The J&M line is not for everyone, but so is Carmen’s Best. J&M caters to a niche market.” Asked for a favorite comment he’s gotten for this new venture, he says, “That J&M is made with the same mindset as Carmen’s Best ice cream.” Which, of course, is a compliment.


J&M is sold through Carmen’s Best community resellers around the country.  All flavors sell for P150 per cup.