Turon with langka bottled as a designer cocktail is the day drink we didn’t think we need 2
CE007 Turon is the star of the collection, its complex flavor profile culminating in a sweetness that trumps even the fanciest dessert wines.
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Turon with langka bottled as a designer cocktail is the day drink we didn’t think we need

35cl’s new line of designer cocktails are disarmingly delicious and out-of-the-box. By JAM PASCUAL
ANCX | Jul 11 2020

We’ve written about 35cl Cocktail Co. before and their knack for unconventionally flavored cocktails with premium ingredients. Their last line of drinks, released December 19, rode the festive spirit of Christmas with Chocolate, Eggnog, and Hibiscus cocktails. Their latest line is inspired by Filipino flavors, and are guaranteed to make quarantined day-drinking a much more interesting pastime. We’d like to introduce you to: CE007 Turon, CE008 Sugarcane, and CE009 Corn.

Let’s go backwards for this. CE009 takes grilled corn as its inspiration. The buttery fragrance can be off-putting for someone, but CE009 is disarming on the first sip. Imagine Japanese corn tea, or oksusu cha, with bright, citric characteristics, smoothed by the dairy notes one would normally find in butter. The finish has corn in the back but a flavor like honey in the front. Coconut liqueur and corn syrup are perhaps the ingredients that allow CE009 to salvage some sweetness from its unctuous concept.

But corn on the rocks just isn’t as refreshing as something more typical, like gin or coconut rum. “Fat washed butter dry vermouth” frankly sounds like an amazing component, but what CE009 suffers from is a quality of oiliness that obstinately coats your tongue. 6-year-old black garlic bitters is just way too much, but due credit to 35cl for pulling no punches. You’d think that the faux savoriness of CE009 might complement the saltiness of a bar chow like peanuts or pretzels, but I venture to guess the flavors would compete with each other instead. Then again, I’m speaking biased as someone whose favorite part of mais con yelo is the con yelo.

Turon with langka bottled as a designer cocktail is the day drink we didn’t think we need 3
CE009 Corn is disarming on the first sip, but kinda of struggles under the ambition of its concept.

CE008 Sugarcane boasts a thirst-quenching sweetness. While CE008 proposes apple cider as a tasting note, the mango is front and center. Think of a wine with a tropical feel. Sweet Potato Syrup is one notable ingredient in this concoction, and 35cl suggests—curiously enough—a sweet potato chip as a garnishing option, but any note of taro is hard to detect. I suspect though that the Tequila Blanco in CE008’s recipe is responsible for the drink’s sharp edges, and what gives you a finish that stings sweetly.

This might sound blasphemous, but try mixing CE008 with your favorite beer. The likes of Stella Artois and San Miguel’s fruity beers are enjoyable because there’s some brightness hiding under all the barley, and CE008 really hits the spot when it comes with a foamy top.

CE007, the Turon cocktail, is 35cl’s most ambitious experiment, and possibly its finest creation. It’s a candy store shopping spree distilled into one elixir—banana, caramel, honeyed yogurt, brown sugar, and even hints of dark chocolate all come out to play in the drink’s swill and finish.

Turon with langka bottled as a designer cocktail is the day drink we didn’t think we need 4
There's more going on to CE008 than just sweetness.

It sounds too good to be true but there’s a science to this madness. CE007’s recipe lists, among other things, banana lambanog, pili nut tincture, burnt sugar syrup, spiced chocolate bitters, and jackfruit syrup as key players, which basically makes this turon with langka in drink form. What you get is something like a dessert wine that’s so eclectic with its sweetness that one can’t help but imagine other dessert-like elements with every sip, like banoffee pie or graham cracker. One serving suggestion 35cl gives is egg white to round off the whole thing with foam, but CE007 tastes so much like dessert that you’d think even a spritz of whipped cream might do the trick.

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Like all their lines, 35cl’s Filipino-inspired line is limited edition, so get these drinks while supplies last. While not every drink 35cl Cocktail Co. makes hits it out of the park, their commitment to constantly innovating is apparent in all of their work. I mean, Jesus, they made a playlist for the drinks, too. If you love yourself, avail.


You can visit 35cl Cocktail Co. on their official website and follow them on Instagram