Our ube obsession aside, Filipino food has never been more popular than now 2
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Our ube obsession aside, Filipino food has never been more popular than now

Ube pandesal may be most visible on people’s social media feeds, but it’s really Filipino comfort food in general that is giving people much joy as they’re sheltering at home.
ANCX | Jul 11 2020

Since lockdown started in March, people have been trying to keep busy at home, whisking Dalgona coffee, baking bread, or making sushi bakes, but we’ve also noticed a renewed interest in Filipino food, whether it’s comfort fare from one’s childhood or new versions of traditional dishes, not to mention an ongoing obsession with ube.


Ube pandesal started trending online during the height of the lockdown, but it’s nothing new. Perhaps the reason for its resurgence is it just has the right balance of comfort and familiarity, coupled with the visual pleasure of something purple brightening one’s feed. And as with all things viral, it just takes the amplification of a few posts before it becomes ubiquitous. We’re not complaining though, as we’re starting to see purple yam beyond pandesal.

Ube Haleya-Keso Pandesal by Baby Pat Breads & Pastries

Baker Pearl de Guzman has a way with ube, if one goes by her uber popular ube ensaimada. So it goes without saying that her homemade ube halaya works wonders when added to pandesal.


Salted Egg and Ube Bibingka by Bibingka Manila

Bibingka offers that quintessential sweet-salty-starchy-smoky combo that Filipinos can’t get enough of. Now Bibingka Manila offers ube-cheese and salted egg mini variants delivered fresh to your door.


Ube Puto by Puto People

These soft and bouncy rice cakes are the perfect vehicle for ube, now available in four variants: ube, ube cheese, ube pandan, and ube pandan cheese.


Ube overload!! Order now!

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Huve Brioche by Chef Sau del Rosario

The ube-bread combo doesn’t just work with pandesal, as Chef Sau del Rosario proves with his wittily-named product that melds ube with rich, buttery brioche. By the way, his Vuco Fye (buko pie but so, so much more) is worth a try too.


Huve Brioche. Call (0917) 192 8343 to order. Yes we deliver in Manila 2-3x a week! Photo @patrickernest

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Ube Jam by Mountain Maid (Good Shepherd Sisters)

If you’re talking ube, it doesn’t get better than the OG ube jam produced by the Good Shepherd Sisters of Baguio, whose social enterprise helps college students in the Cordillera. Products are now available via their online shop for delivery to Metro Manila.

Our ube obsession aside, Filipino food has never been more popular than now 3
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It’s not just ube that’s getting stay-at-homers hungry, but comfort dishes like pancit and empanada. These days, food businesses are also innovating familiar fare in scrumptious new ways.

Sisig Sotanghon by Betty’s Best

Pancit is a staple, pandemic or not, and Betty’s Best delivers with this noodle masterpiece that combines two faves, pancit and sisig. The choice of sotanghon or glass noodles is genius, the better to sop up all that fatty goodness.


Sisig Sotanghon

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Kansipanada and Kalderetapanada by Sarsa Kitchen

Chef JP Anglo ratchets up the flavor on regular empanada with fillings like Negrense-style kansi with batwan gravy, and his latest, kaldereta with melted cheese and spicy kaldereta gravy included.


Mamachang by Pepita’s Kitchen

Filipinos are familiar with Chinese machang, usually triangular or rectangular pockets of sticky rice with various savory fillings, wrapped in lotus leaf. “Lechon Diva” Dedet de la Fuente came up with her own Pinoy version in XL size, loaded with Chinese chorizo, mushrooms, salted egg, pork, and wrapped in banana leaf for a more Filipino touch.


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Frozen Lechon by Zubuchon

It’s harder to partake of lechon when big parties are gone and social distancing is still in effect. Good thing Zubuchon is saving the day with its frozen lechon boxes that let you have hot-off-the-oven roast pig at home whenever you feel like it.


Bicho Bicho by Panaderya Toyo

Chef Jordy Navarra’s bread shop always surprises with its ingenious take on traditional panaderia products. This Bicho Bicho or local doughnuts are no exception, with all sorts of flavors to choose from.