The Booky campaign works by offering discounted digital vouchers from Filipinos’ favorite brands on the #SupportPH website. Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash
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Help local businesses and get 50 percent off on special vouchers

Booky launches its #SupportPH campaign to encourage the public to patronize restaurants, fitness centers, salons, and other local establishments hit hard by the current crisis
ANCX | Jun 11 2020

When the pandemic hit the Philippines, there was a lot of clamor to support frontliners and vulernable communities affected by the lockdown. But not much was heard about the many local businesses that were forced to reduce their operations or even shut down entirely due to the stringent enhanced community quarantine. That’s where food and lifestyle app Booky has come in through its recently launched #SupportPH campaign and discounted voucher program.


Hard times ahead

Restaurants, fitness centers, salons, and many other establishments frequented by Filipinos were hit hard by mandated measures. The switch to delivery operations or online classes allowed them to continue running by a hair but may not be enough to see them through the year.

In a survey conducted among local businesses, 33 percent of restaurant owners have had to implement leave without pay, administer pay cuts, or let go of employees. Other establishments, like gyms and salons, rely on in-store activity for income and 80 percent report complete closure and zero revenue since the ECQ was announced on March 16. Businesses are turning to home deliveries, online activity, and increased brand awareness through social media as their lifelines, but even then, they do not foresee sales normalizing any time soon.

Despite the ongoing battle against the virus, the world needs to keep turning. On May 16, the Philippine government placed the capital under a modified community quarantine (MECQ) allowing select businesses to slowly reopen. “We want to be careful about reopening to protect our team and our customers,” says one restaurant owner. Some establishments don’t know when or if they will be able to reopen, while others aren’t sure how they can afford reopening or if they can do so at all.


Helping Filipinos everywhere

Known for its directory and digital coupons for discounts, Booky hosts a core essence to help people discover the best in their city. During the ECQ, the food and lifestyle app used its content on social media to help Filipinos at home discover ways to stay informed on where to get food, supplies, and ways to keep busy.


To extend its helping hand even further, Booky recently launched #SupportPH, a campaign to aid beloved brands and businesses that were hit hardest by the effects of the pandemic. With little to no revenue coming the way of these businesses, the campaign is a call for support for well-loved brands such as Wendy’s, Auntie Anne’s, and Serenitea.


How does #SupportPH work?

This Booky campaign works by offering discounted digital vouchers from Filipinos’ favorite brands on the #SupportPH website. Following a “help now, enjoy later” format, the proceeds go directly to the establishments and the customer can redeem or claim their voucher up to three (3) months after the establishment reopens.

For the customer, they can enjoy a discounted treat or service at up to 50 percent off while supporting their favorite brands. For the establishments, #SupportPH allows them to use this income to immediately support themselves while revenue is at its lowest.

Some establishments have already asked loyal customers to support them through the purchase of gift certificates and merchandise, #SupportPH differs in that you can choose to purchase and support multiple brands and businesses from one website. The purchase of a milk tea or haircut voucher may not look like much, but when pooled together, these make a difference in the effort to keep our favorite brands running.


Visit #SupportPH and extend a helping hand today.