The blogger at the center of a social media storm last week has publicly apologized 2
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The blogger at the center of a social media storm last week has publicly apologized

Promising he will make things right, the content creator says in an Instagram post that the last two weeks has been a time of reflection. BY ANCX
ANCX | Jun 05 2020

Promising to “take all the learnings to heart, to be a better person and friend moving forward,” the person behind the food blog AlwaysHungryPH posted a public apology on the site’s Instagram account. The content creator has been under fire recently as his apparent unscrupulous behavior came out of the woodwork in a series of posts among prominent figures in the food blogging community.

Screenshots of his requests for food from big and small brands, as well as personal experiences with his way of going about “collabs” were circulating in the past couple of weeks. Angry testimonials came into light, and reactions were heightened further by the fact this continued to happen in the middle of the COVID pandemic when the food and dining industry were particularly hit hard, and many owners are struggling to the point of closing down.

“The last two weeks have been very difficult for me. Some brands and colleagues have pointed out that I have conducted myself unprofessionally in the past few years,” the blogger writes. “Needless to say, it has been a time for me to deeply reflect on my past behavior and mistakes. And for that, I sincerely apologize to each and every one.” The blogger was bashed extensively by even those who have no connection to the industry he operated in. Even members of his family were dragged into the matter. His blog and corresponding Facebook page have been offline since the online firestorm happened.

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The Instagram post included a section that was tagged as coming “from other party.” There, it was shared that a video call was initiated last night wherein the blogger apologized to those who have spoken out about the issue.

According to the post, the conversation was civil and differences were settled, with the blogger promising to reach out to each and every one who have complained. 

“If I could only speak to each and every one personally to say my regrets and make amends, I would. If you have concerns, please message me,” the blogger says. “I know words are only words until they are met by action. I have already started approaching brands and individuals to apologize.”