Drew Barrymore launches cookbook co-authored by friend and Filipina chef Pilar Valdes 2
Drew Barrymore and Pilar Valdes unveil the cover of their cookbook. Screengrab from The Drew Barrymore Show
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Drew Barrymore launches cookbook co-authored by friend and Filipina chef Pilar Valdes

“Rebel Homemaker,” out November 2, is the result of three years of friendship and obsessing over food and cookbooks 
ANCX Staff | Apr 23 2021

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore and her “culinary partner in crime,” the Filipina chef Pilar Valdes, share a common passion for food and cooking. The two ladies are both self-confessed cookbook junkies.

In her daily daytime series, “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the 46-year-old star shares that she’s been collecting cookbooks for the last 20 years. In fact, her entire kitchen is “floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall cookbooks.” She also has a segment on her show dedicated to cookbooks. It’s called #thecookbookclub, which was actually born out of the pandemic and people’s love of sharing recipes on social media. In the #thecookbookclub segment, the Santa Clarita Diet star shares learnings from cookbooks from her personal collection, and gets recommendations from chefs and fellow foodies she and Pilar admire.

So it wasn’t really surprising that Drew and Pilar decided to write their own cookbook. The two announced this in a recent episode of Drew’s show where they also unveiled the cover design of their book project called “Rebel Homemaker: Food, Family, Life.” 

The duo also shared one of the recipes featured in their cookbook, which is Vietnamese inspired lemongrass beef skewer. The cover, featuring a photo of Drew happily eating pasta from a bowl, is set for a November 2 release and is available for preorder now on Amazon.

In the episode, the 46-year-old actress shares that she and Pilar have been working on the project for several months now. Pilar says their three-year-friendship has been such a wonderful journey. While being Drew’s personal chef, Pilar is also the chef and co-owner of the catering company Kickshaw Cookery.

“When we first started working together, it was around the kitchen island. We had cookbooks and we were just sharing stories, talking about food, and that’s where I think the idea of the cookbook was born. Drew was such a tremendous dreamer,” Pilar recalls looking at her friend. “You dreamed it up. I had not even considered.”

Drew, on the other hand, shares that she met Pilar at a point in her life when she was “transitioning,” and “felt very unanchored.” The mother of two recalls looking to start new endeavors so she can have more time with her two daughters Frankie, 7, and Olive, 8 ½.

“I met you [Pilar] at that time, and we ended up dreaming and finding an anchor together. You and food, and our friendship were a huge saving grace for me—something I could hook into, when my life felt so floating,” Drew shares. “Here we are, three years later, and I feel like our lives are so anchored, individually and together.”

Pilar could only agree. “Absolutely, we’re totally tethered together. I mean, us meeting was like serendipity and a whole lot of luck, I think.”

Their friendship has clearly blossomed, and so did their journey with food and cooking. Pilar has appeared a couple of times on Drew’s show sharing recipes, and now they have a cookbook. Can a Drew X Pilar restaurant be far behind?