Join the PRURide PH 2020 And Reach Your Fitness Goals With The Whole Family! 2
Zoren Legaspi, Gretchen Ho, and Kim Atienza (not in photo) return as the PRURide PH 2020 ambassadors.

Join the PRURide PH 2020 And Reach Your Fitness Goals With The Whole Family!

PRU Life UK invites you to get fit with the brood come 2020.
Partner Feature | Dec 19 2019

It’s another end of the decade as we welcome 2020 with open arms. There’s so much that has happened in the past years, but one thing remains constant—change. From modern lifestyle fixes down to our life choices, the shift will always be there, and will continuously happen as we traverse our journey. And every beginning of the year, our new year’s resolutions keep us on our toes and look forward to a fresh start. And on our list, year after year, is our fitness goals. Why not actually make it happen and gear yourself towards reaching your dream body?

Don’t just move in the comforts of the gym—it’s about time to take it outdoors. As Pru Life UK launches another edition of PRURide PH, the country’s biggest cycling festival, take it as a prompt to challenge yourself further and cycle your way to a fitter you come 2020!

Launched in 2016, the much-anticipated cycling event aims to engage the growing cycling community in the Philippines, raise awareness on cycling as a sustainable alternative mode of transport, and promote health and wellness through Pru Life UK’s We DO Health commitment. But the ride isn’t just for professionals! With various categories that enthusiasts, hobbyists, and even kids, can join, PRURide PH 2020 prompts everyone, including families, to come together and start the active life the fun way.

Bringing its high-octane races to Clark, Pampanga happening March 11 to 15, an estimated 2,500 cyclists are expected to participate in 10 categories, including 18 local and international professional teams. Virtual PRURide and PRURide Criterium, which feature different races, including fixed gear, road bike, and mountain bike races, are open to competing individuals, while the Gran Fondo is welcome for families and beginners in the sport. For kids aged two to six, the Striders Cup is perfect, using non-pedal bikes for their listing. Agent and employees of PRU Life UK are also in for a ride with new cycling activity Fun Cycle!

Join the PRURide PH 2020 And Reach Your Fitness Goals With The Whole Family! 3
PRURide PH 2020 ambassadors Zoren Legaspi and Gretchen Ho, together with PRURide PH Race Director Ian Alacar, join SVP and Chief Customer Marketing Officer Allan Tumbaga for a celebratory toast.      


Apart from these, PRURide PH 2020 highlights the PRURide UCI 2.2 Stage Races, a three-day race accredited by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the world’s governing body for cycling, which will allow cyclists to chalk up points to advance to bigger international competitions. If you’ve been on your road bike for a while, this is a chance you shouldn’t miss!

You have a few more months to register, but we suggest that you sign up now until December 31 to avail of the early-bird discount and limited-edition freebies at Once registered, you’re entitled to a racer’s kit, while all finishers will receive a medal you can proudly hang alongside your whole family’s awards from PRURide PH. Excited yet? See you on the track, then!