Surge Fitness Gym is the first and only Filipino 24/7 gym franchise that offers wearable technology.
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This gym brings wellness to your home so you can stay fit during quarantine

Surge Fitness launches its free virtual personal training and group exercise.
Partner Feature | May 13 2020

The World Health Organization just released a gentle reminder to stay physically active during COVID-19. They have age-specific recommendations on the amount of physical activity needed during this lockdown. We actually need to move more, since our physical activities are more restricted during quarantine.

So how do we stay physically active with the closure of gyms and restriction of outdoor leisure, not to mention the anxiety-related loss of motivation to be productive during quarantine? Virtual coaching and group exercise (GX) are the key. Surge Fitness Gym, the first and only Filipino 24/7 gym franchise that offers wearable technology, launches its free virtual personal training and GX for everyone.

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How does Virtual GX work?

Your favorite GX classes (Zumba, yoga, HIIT) are now available via live streaming on Facebook and Zoom on certain schedules. Catching the classes on a certain time slot and seeing your instructor and your classmates performing real-time retains the social aspect of the exercise, which is why GX classes are popular in the first place. Following a certain schedule also helps you stay accountable and prioritize wellness in your daily quarantine schedule.

How does Virtual Personal Training work?

Remote fitness coaching has long been used by serious athletes who need expert strength and conditioning coaches from abroad. But even the general population is now welcoming the trend, thanks to smartphones and messaging apps that make video communication easier.

For Virtual Personal Training, Surge Fitness coaches follow standard protocols to ensure clients’ safety. On day one, your coach will administer a Physical Activity Readiness and Lifestyle Questionnaire and conduct Motivational Interviewing to determine your fitness goals via phone. On day two, your coach will explain the fitness program that he or she designed based on your responses to the questionnaire. As soon as you have the program, you can start doing and recording the prescribed exercises with your mobile phone and get immediate feedback from your coach.

Surge sport scientists administer standardized fitness assessments before prescribing exercises to ensure clients’ safety.

Nutrition and behavioral coaching

We all know what to do to stay healthy: eat right, exercise, sleep well, etc. But knowing doesn’t always mean doing, and that’s okay. Changing habits require patience, self-compassion, and affirmation from someone who understands—and that’s what coaches are for. At Surge Fitness, coaches practice a holistic approach to well-being that includes behavior change when it comes to diet and physical activity.


Rewarding workout challenges

If you love dancing or working out, put your skills to good use by posting your very own fun and inspiring videos on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Include your loved ones and you might just win the Surge Fitness’ campaign for “Quarantine Workout Challenge” and earn cash prizes. Make this quarantine a positive, memorable experience by having fun and documenting bonding moments with family and friends.


Surge Fitness recently launched several quarantine workout campaigns to motivate Filipinos to stay fit during lockdown. Follow and message SurgeFitnessPH on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for instructions on how to join Virtual GX, PT, and Quarantine Workout Challenges.