The champ dominated the ring, but outside, many other things were happening. Photograph from Lovi Poe's Instagram account
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Crime, candidates, and cringe-worthy moments in and around Pacquiao versus Broner

Wife Jinkee became a meme while the boxer/senator picked up his 61st win.
Maan D’Asis Pamaran | Jan 22 2019

While the other slashes to his public persona—lawmaker, moral compass, bible interpreter—remain subject to debate or, perhaps, divine intervention, Manny Pacquiao as a committed competitor is an undisputed fact. What’s also undeniable? That every match involving the pambansang kamao is sure to be of national interest.  

Pacquiao versus Adrien Broner was no exception, it would thrill the compartmentalized mind to know that the Filipino won decisively to lift the WBA Welterweight title. It was Pacquiao’s 61st win, landing 77 body blows to Broner's three across the 12 rounds. As thrilling as it was to watch the two pugilists have a go at each other in the ring, it was also fun to watch the sidelights of the main event.

Here are some that we picked up along the way.

Celebrity fans

Keanu Reeves and Mark Walhberg sent their video greetings to Pacquiao before the fight. The audience was not as Hollywood celebrity-studded as his past fights, although on the local front, Lovi Poe, Korina Sanchez, and show biz’s favorite ‘nay, Lolit Solis, flew to Las Vegas to watch.

After Pacman was declared winner, local celebs reached out on Instagram to congratulate him, too. Among them, Ruffa Gutierrez and Gary Valenciano, who wrote, “May this victory inspire the countless ones that so desperately need to be inspired and encouraged.”

The National Anthems

Before the main fight, there was a National Anthem sing-off, and the clear winner, the Philippines. Pity anyone who will go up against a Filipino in a singing competition. But pity 90s pop star Shanice, especially. The “I Love your Smile” artist took on the “Star Spangled Banner,” and she was savagely roasted online for her rendition that was an amalgamation of pitches and notes. “Lupang Hinirang” was sung by Angel Ram, the Zamboangeña now based in New Jersey.

Angel Ram

 Spotlight on Jinkee

The ever-fun-to-watch, Dionisia Pacquiao, boxing’s favourite ‘nay, was not able to fly to Las Vegas due to health reasons. In her stead, Jinkee Pacquiao was there in a crisp, white Valentino outfit and fans took notice of her ringside reactions and, of all things, her sister’s popcorn.

If Mommy D became a meme due to her “spirit fingers,” Jinkee was covering her eyes the entire time Manny let loose a barrage of hits on Broner. This prompted UK Express to post an article titled, “What Manny Pacquiao's wife did in the middle of Adrien Broner fight has just gone viral.” It mentions Twitter user @bigmezie posting the video of Jinkee online which was captioned: “Broner was getting beat so bad that even Manny Pacquiao's wife couldn't stand to watch it.”

Broner mouths off

After Manny was declared the winner by judges’ decision, Broner took his swagger to the mic at the post-fight press conference, saying, “I’m not going to sit here with a sad face. I believe I won that fight.” After fielding questions about a possible rematch with Floyd Mayweather, Manny left early, excusing himself as he was still nursing a cold. He left Broner onstage, who ended his unbelievable tirade with, “I ain’t having no f____ up night tonight…it’s time to cash checks and have sex.” Classy.

Chavit and Bato

Netizens were quick to point out the seemingly new roles that Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson and Former Police Chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa have found on Pacman’s entourage. A clip from the time Paquiao was declared as the winner shows Singson handing the boxer a towel to wipe his nose with. Dela Rosa, for his part, held on to the belt, and carried Pacquiao on his shoulders thereafter. You have to hand it to them; it takes a special skill and a particularly galvanized mug to extend campaigning to as many ways as possible.

Manny’s house robbed

In a surprising turn of events, a Twitter report posted by Balitang America reporter Steve Angeles, says that Pacquiao’s LA home has been robbed while the boxer is still in Vegas. Los Angeles Police are still investigating the matter as of this posting.     


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