Six fuel-efficient cars to drive amid oil price hike 2
Reph Bangsil with the 2022 Suzuki Celerio, which he believes is “the most fuel-efficient gasoline vehicles in the market right now.”

Road tested: Six fuel-efficient cars to drive amid oil price hike, according to a car aficionado

We asked our favorite car guy Reph Bangsil to write down a list of vehicles that could save us a little on precious gasoline
ANCX Staff | Jul 28 2022

The prices of fuel are on a record high, and with the war between Russia and Ukraine still ongoing, there seems to be no sign of a significant gasoline price rollback on the horizon. Thus, a practical consideration when getting a car these days is to pick one that's fuel efficient. 

Car aficionado and former Philkotse reviewer Reph Bangsil—yes, the guy who’s driven over 50 cars in the last 10 years, some of them he owned—shares a list he has road-tested himself and used through the years that feature remarkable fuel economy:


1. 2022 Suzuki Celerio - 28 km/l

The Suzuki Celerio is one of the most interesting vehicles that came out with a totally redesigned body and bigger cabin than its previous incarnation. “Due to its light body and small engine (1.0 liter), it can reach up to 28 km/l per liter which I believe is the most fuel-efficient gasoline vehicles in the market right now,” says Reph. The guy drove this vehicle from BGC to Rizal and back in heavy traffic, and he says it only consumed one bar from the fuel gauge. “Quite an impressive vehicle. The only thing you might need adjusting to is the AGT transmission,” he adds.

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2. 2022 Toyota Raize - 25 km/l

The Toyota Raize is one of the biggest releases of Toyota that’s making waves everywhere this year, Reph notes. “It’s a stylish, compact SUV offered at a very competitive price with great fuel mileage reaching up to 25 km/l with its 1.0 turbo or 1.2 NA engine,” he offers. “Even with its small engine, I remember stepping on the gas pedal and was quite surprised with how fast it accelerated.”

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3. 2021 Honda City - 23.8 km/l

The Honda City is a known entry model sedan. For years, it pretty much went head on against similar sized competitors like the Toyota Vios. “This 1.5 VTEC DOHC engine can go from 17 km/l up to 23.8 km/l which is more than enough,” he says. Reph has also tried driving this Honda City several times and if there’s one thing that’s consistent in it, it’s the fuel mileage that it brings. “The newer ones now are much bigger in comparison to the old ones, and definitely more luxurious. But if anything, they were able to keep that fuel efficient reputation,” says Reph.

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4. Toyota Vios - 22 km/l

The Toyota Vios has established itself to be one of the most popular nameplates Toyota has ever released. “With a deep reputation for being fuel-efficient over the past 4+ generations, the new ones are no exception with their 1.3 and 1.5 size engine counterpart,” Reph tells us. The car aficionado and social media influencer has owned two Vioses—a 2009 second generation and a 2013 third generation. “Both cars I drove daily for several years and being a broke high school/college kid, it was very important for me to save on gas. My experience with the Vios has been nothing, but great,” he shares.

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5. Toyota Altis hybrid - 34 km/l

Reph says the Toyota Altis hybrid is one of those vehicles that made a lasting impression on him—it was the first hybrid vehicle he has ever road-tested that didn’t make any sound while he was driving it. “It was so silent that all you could hear were the AC blowers,” he offers. Aside from being a hybrid vehicle, it’s also important to note that this Altis is fuel efficient, reaching 34 km/l in the highways. “The main concern with these vehicles is its battery and whether it would hold up in the long run. And the great thing is, Toyota offers multiple yearlong warranties, leaving you with no worries. It is definitely more costly, but I think it is worth it.”

Toyota Corolla Altis
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 V Hybrid CVT. Photo from


6. Suzuki S-Presso - 25 km/l

The Suzuki S-Presso is a cute little boxy vehicle that also made waves when it first came out. From the outside, it looks like there isn’t much space but when you enter, as per Reph’s observation, it’s actually more spacious. “Coming with only a manual transmission, it is the second most fuel efficient offering from Suzuki with 25 km/l. This is also quite affordable at only 560k brand new which makes it the top choice for first time car buyers,” he says.

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