Toyota Supra Philippines launch: The wait is over 2

Toyota Supra Philippines launch: The wait is over

Seventeen years later, the latest and greatest Supra retakes the racing scene
Partner Feature | Jul 12 2019

It doesn’t get more real than this. The Toyota Supra – a legend among legendary cars – is coming to the Philippines. The wait has been nothing short of considerable. Toyota engineers have been working on this model, the Toyota Supra A90, for seven long years, and the last Supra to roll off the production line was in 2002 – time beyond memory for most Millenials. In fact, this wait between models is so long you’d be forgiven for thinking that the brand would drive into the sunset like Paul Walker in his white Supra at the end of Furious 7. After all, how do you follow up a kind of racing perfection? It’s a difficult question to answer, but we’ll actually find out soon, and not, mind you, through secondhand reviews. We’ll hear the engine roar to life and smell the rubber on the track as the Toyota Supra will be sold here in the Philippines. Yes, that’s right. Thank the racing gods...

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What can we expect from the new Toyota Supra A90?

Coming from your rearview mirror, the Toyota Supra A90 is all sensual curves and aggression. It seems as if there’s not a single straight line in its body. At the same time, the Supra A90 appears to have shed any semblance to the Toyota Celica to whom it owes its lineage. It’s closer to the BMW Z4 it shares a platform (and a factory) with. This is not a bad thing, and similarities notwithstanding, the car is still unmistakably a Supra.

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The 335 horses under the hood will make sure that the Supra doesn’t stay in your rearview mirror for long. Soon the flared rear spoiler will fill your windshield view, along with the Supra badge below it and the GR logo.

Somewhere under the curves lies a 3.0-liter twin-scroll turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine capable of 500Nm of torque. Toyota engineers have pushed the engine as far back as possible to attain a 50-50 weight distribution. This launches the Supra to 100kph in 4.3 seconds, and – should you have enough road in front of you – you could keep going until the speedometer read 250kph.

Ogle the Supra’s curves some more on their website, here.

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History, Racing Pedigree, Cultural Phenom

When it comes to racing, it doesn’t get more real than the Toyota Supra. The Supra holds a special place in the world of racing, having had success in a variety of motorsports from drag racing to Touring to SuperGT and Le Mans. The Supra even flirted briefly with rallying in the 80’s and held the Nürburgring time record back in 1997.

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Make no mistake about it, this is a car with real gravitas and a history as long as your arm. Thanks to its racing roots, it’s secured its place in popular culture as well. It has long been a favorite in Gran Turismo games. (And if you want to preview how the Toyota Supra A90 drives, you can take it for a spin in Gran Turismo Sport right now.) The Supra also made an appearance in Initial D: Fifth Stage. And, of course, who can ever forget the Paul Walker’s “10-second car” from The Fast And The Furious, a beautiful orange Toyota Supra that would eventually go on auction in real life for USD185,000.


GR is for Gazoo Racing

But enough of the past... Eyes back on the road now, buddy. Looking forward is what the Supra is all about. And with the A90, Toyota has once again set its sights on racing glory.

The new Supra was developed with the gentlemen from the wackily-named Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s global racing division, who’ve won a boatload of awards and trophies from Le Mans to World Rally Championship.

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This passion for racing and Gazoo Racing’s oh-so-Toyota philosophy of making “ever-better” cars, mean only one thing: the Toyota Supra A90 is the one to beat.


Toyota Supra Philippines Price?

Still here? We know what you want to find out. To get in the driver’s seat of your very own Supra A90, it will take a mere 5 million pesos. A small price to pay to end the long wait. Visit these 16 certified GR Performance dealerships listed below to retail the All-New Toyota GR Supra. 



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