This German company is giving 3 million euros worth of oil to frontliners 2
Liqui Moly is donating 3 million euros worth of oil products. Photo from Liqui Moly Philippines on FB

This German company is giving 3 million euros worth of oil to frontliners

Liqui Moly is donating engine oil products to PH frontliners so that they won't be stranded in the line of duty.
ANCX | Jun 10 2020

One of the challenging issues faced by our frontline workers in the delivery of services during this COVID-19 pandemic is mobility, or the lack of public transportation due to the community quarantine. Hoping to lighten their burden and also to recognize their heroic efforts, German engine oil brand Liqui Moly, in cooperation with its Philippine distributor, European Advanced Technik Corporation, is donating Liqui Moly products (engine oils and additives) to various frontliner groups in the country. 

Liqui Moly GmbH managing director Ernst Prost said the worldwide initiative is the company’s way of showing appreciation to frontliners who risk their lives in battling this pandemic. The project started out as a one million Euro initiative, but due to the strong worldwide response, Prost increased it to three million Euros. 

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Prost hopes to equip hospitals, rescue services, and fire brigades with free motor oil products, “so they are ready for action.” He said they have almost 1,500 shipments to make, most of them to be completed until next week.

“Who wants to be stuck on the open road on the way to the hospital, just because the engine died?" he said. The products for frontliners will be available in partner car manufacturer, dealers and independent workshop like VW Philippines, KTM, Chevrolet Philippines, MG cars, among others.


For more information about this campaign and how to avail of the oil products, follow the Liqui Moly Philippines Facebook and Instagram accounts.