Gary V biking from Antipolo to Calatagan is the most inspiring thing you’ll see today 2
Screengrab from Gary Valenciano's video

Gary V biking from Antipolo to Calatagan is the most inspiring thing you’ll see today

At 56, and after everything he’s gone thru, watching Gary V live out loud in his bike will give you the feels 
ANCX Staff | Feb 08 2021

He doesn’t usually do this. In the past, when Gary Valenciano would venture out with his bike, the farthest he’ll go would be Tagaytay—but this trip was special. In fact, he calls it “epic.” 

It’s an attempt to reach Calatagan from his house in Antipolo riding his electric mountain bike, a specialized Turbo Levo. “I guess it has to happen while I can still do it,” he says, “and I’ve chosen today to be that day.” Gary started his journey at 4AM and by 5:17 he’s in Daang Hari, Muntinlupa. By 10:30, he’s already gliding down Tagaytay—this is after a Breakfast at Antonio’s stopover, of course. 

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Breakfast was not the only stopover, though. There were many stops to make sure his sugar levels were okay. He was also trailed by a Volkswagen Crafter throughout. As Gary’s fans know, the 56-year old performer is living with Type 1 diabetes. At one point in the ride, he addresses his followers who might be a little concerned he’s pushing himself too much by going on this rather ambitious ride. “Listen, I never really push myself beyond what I know I can do,” he tells the camera. “When I know it’s time to stop I will.” 

The OPM icon was diagnosed with diabetes at age 14 and given 30 years to live. He’s battled cancer, and in 2018 survived a bypass surgery after one of his arteries was blocked. “You know my story,” he says, without bringing up any of his past heath crises. “And look where I am now.” 

There’s so many feels and lessons in this two-part video. We won’t spoil it for you by spelling them all out. But yes, it will not only inspire you to finally pick up that bike.
It will inspire you to stop and listen to the rustling of leaves, to push yourself a little, and be grateful for the big and little things.

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