The UK has tallied a total number of 2,382,865 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

The world surpasses the 82 million mark with the UK reporting 53,000 new cases overnight

Meanwhile, our three-digit streak in cases ends today    
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Dec 30 2020

All data provided are from the Department of Health’s various information sites including their data drop. Where appropriate, other graphs, illustrations, tables and data are appropriately referenced.

December 30, 2020 (updated)

As expected, based on the total number of individuals that tested positive the previous day, the three day streak for three digit cases ends. The Health Agency reports 1,014 new cases today.

Two cities within Mega Manila are among the top five – Quezon City and Makati City – contributing 12.2 percent of the daily total.

The provinces that rounds up the top five are: Benguet, Bulacan and Laguna.

The DoH also reports 68 deaths today. 

Yesterday’s data breakdown

The Philippines

  • NCR reported 220 new cases yesterday, with Quezon City, City of Manila and Parañaque’s numbers making up 50 percent of the cases in the metro.
  • On a more granular level, Davao City led in yesterday’s haul with 61 new cases.
  • Two regions outside of the NCR reported triple digits – CALABARZON and Central Luzon.
  • Four provinces in Region IVA were among the top ten – Laguna, Cage, Rizal and Batangas.
  • Pampanga took the lead among provinces with most coronavirus cases yesterday.
  • Nine of seventeen cities in NCR were among the top twenty cities/municipalities with highest cases yesterday with Quezon City leading the pack with 45 new cases.
  • There was a mixed bag of cities that were on the top twenty cities/municipalities in yesterday’s tally. The new entrants to the list included: Apalit (Pampanga), Guimbal (Iloilo), and Bayabas (Surigao del Sur).


There were 681,451 new cases reported yesterday. The total number of coronavirus cases in the world as of this writing now exceeds 82.3 million cases.

A new death record in a single day was also noted with 15,577 deaths overnight, pushing the total deaths close to the 1.8 million mark.

The United States continues to lead in both new cases as it closes in on the 20 million mark for coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic. That’s close to one-fourth of the cases in the world.

The United Kingdom, which sits uncomfortably in sixth spot in the world tally, recorded a record high of 53,135 cases.

  • Global case fatality rate: 2.18 percent, unchanged due to the historical number of deaths reported in a single day.
  • Five European nations were among the top ten contributors to the pool of new cases yesterday – UK, Germany, Turkey, Spain and France.
  • With the new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 affecting several countries worldwide, the United Kingdom sprung to second spot with more than 40,000 total new cases reported overnight.