GCash offers new easy, affordable ways you can invest 2

GCash offers 2 new easy, and still affordable, ways for you to become a proud investor now

Users of GInvest can start investing with as low as P1,000

Is there a better time to commit to investing your money than in bonus-happy December and the New Year fast approaching? If there’s an advice we know you wouldn’t regret following, it’s this: Begin your journey now towards conveniently growing your wealth. 

The country's largest and everyone’s go-to mobile e-wallet service, GCash, which turned many a Filipino spender into a proud investor with its invest-for-as-low-as-P50 campaign, has expanded its investing opportunities. Under its GInvest products, it’s offering two new funds for investors with a far more aggressive risk appetite.

Where to find GInvest in the Gcash app.

GCash now makes it affordable and accessible to invest in Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) investment funds through BPI Investment Management Inc.'s (BIMI) ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund and the Philippine Stock Index Fund under GInvest—and this is still all as easily achievable as paying via Gcash for your latest takeout: with a press of a button. 

It is also still very much within many’s reach. Users of GInvest can start investing with as low as P1,000 in the ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund, a US dollar-denominated feeder fund whose target fund is managed by the world’s largest asset managers, BlackRock. The fund has historically provided dividends monthly while also generating long-term capital growth.

Being a feeder fund, it will invest at least 90 percent of its assets into a single collective scheme. The multi-asset income fund invests globally in the full spectrum of permitted investments including equities and equity-related securities to guarantee dividends to the investor.

Meanwhile, GInvest users can place a buy order for as low as P50 in the Philippine Stock Index Fund. This aims to track the performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange Index, which is composed of the top 30 largest and most traded companies in the country.

If you are an investor who, at the very least, is rated as aggressive by their risk profile and have a five-year investment horizon, both these funds should be suited to you. 

The new GInvest campaign poster.
The new GInvest campaign poster.

Through these new BIMI funds, GInvest investors are taken to the next level where they can now further diversify their portfolios. With this addition, there are now seven funds on the GInvest platform with an option for every kind of investor. From the ATRAM managed funds (Money Market Fund, Philippine Total Return Bond Fund, Philippine Smart Equity Index Fund, Global Technology Feeder Fund, Global Consumer Trends Fund) to the new BPI managed funds (ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund and the Philippine Stock Index Fund).  

As mentioned, investing using these two new money-smart ways has been made easy. It takes just five minutes to register and one valid ID to fully verify your GCash account. From there, you can place buy orders and sell orders, track your investments, and even set regular investment reminders to invest consistently. 

Rest assured GCash, now the Number 1 financial app in the country, only works with the most reputable fund managers in the country, selecting only the best funds to help everyday Filipinos unlock their life goals and invest in their futures. It was recognized by The Asian Banker (TAB) and by the IDC in 2021 for its outstanding digital financial inclusion programs impacting more than 51 million Filipinos in the country today.