Kalibo has 160 cases to date, with 8 deaths. Photo of Cathedral of San Juan in Kalibo, Aklan by Paolobon140 on Wikimedia Commons
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Kalibo breaks into top 20 cities/municipalities with most new Covid cases

Another tourist destination, Nasugbu, Batangas, joins the same list    
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Nov 30 2020

Disclosure: All data provided are from the Department of Health’s various information sites including their data drop. Where appropriate, other graphs, illustrations, tables and data are appropriately referenced.

November 30, 2020 (updated)

None of the cities in NCR were among the top five in the 1,773 newly announced cases of the Health Agency today. However, three provinces in CALABARZON continue to dominate the haul with Rizal contributing triple digits to todays numbers.

There were 19 new deaths announced. Note that there are only 44 reported recoveries (as the government provides time for other LGUs to turn in the recovery reports till the weekend clearing operations for the data).

Yesterday’s data breakdown


  • Over 2,000 cases reported yesterday. More than 25 percent came from NCR, while the remaining 25 percent were from CALABARZON
  • Central Luzon, Western Visayas and Central Visayas reported triple digits yesterday.
  • NCR had almost 600 cases reported in a single day.
  • All five provinces in CALABARZON were in the top ten provinces.
  • Pampanga led the haul among provinces with the highest number of cases.
  • Ten cities from Mega Manila were among the top 20 cities/municipalities with most cases.
  • Two cities in Pampanga – Angeles (2nd) and San Fernando (19th) were in the top twenty.
  • Two new entrants are holiday destinations – Kalibo (Aklan) and Nasugbu (Batangas).


The world officially closes the month of November with more than 63 million coronavirus cases as we mark the first year of the pandemic beginning tomorrow.

The United States continued to lead globally in both new cases and new deaths.

There are 12 countries with more than 1 Million cases each. Poland will most likely be the 13th in a day or two.

  • Global case fatality rate is lower at 2.322 percent even with less than 7,000 deaths overnight.
  • Five European nations were among the top ten contributors to the pool of new cases yesterday – Turkey, Italy, Germany, Ukraine and the UK.

Feature Story

Kalibo, Aklan

This first class municipality in the province of Aklan is a primary tourist destination. It is where the Ati-atihan Festival happens every January, and is a gateway to the famous beach destination, Boracay.

The municipality has a population of around 80,000 people on a land area of a little over 50 sq km, which gives it a density of 1,600 inhabitants/sq km.

The main industry in Kalibo is agriculture based on rice, coconuts, piña, and abaca. It also has a meat processing industry that produces chorizo, tocino and other food products.

Kalibo noted its first case on March 28, 2020 (swabbed March 20).

It reported one case in April, zero cases in May, 1 case in June, 3 cases in July, 7 cases in August, 51 cases in September, 24 cases in October and from November 1-29, had the highest number of cases for a month – 72.

Kalibo has 160 cases to date with 8 deaths, for a case fatality rate of 5 percent.