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Holiday Gift Guide: Bigboy Cheng’s recommended toys for the big boys

You can’t buy the childhood feeling of finding something you’ve coveted for ages under the tree, but this list pretty much replicates it.
ANC-X Staff | Nov 29 2018

Christmas is for the young and the young at heart. So we asked Big Boy Cheng, famous kicks, art, and art toys collector, to put himself in your shoes—you young-at-heart hoarder of Hasbro toys and happy meal toys and Medicom [email protected] you—to come up with a list of things you might want to get yourself, or your like-minded friends and relations for Christmas. The list takes you back to your childhood one Voltes V toy at a time, with a range that’s both friendly and hardcore, inexpensive and not so.

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BEARBRICKS BY MEDICOM. In this [email protected] Meets Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse collab, the world’s most famous mouse wears his classic yellow and red garb with the usual big smile on his face, and a little tail in his butt. The 400% version stands 11”. Get the Minnie Mouse too, so Mickey won’t be lonely this Christmas.,,

FUNKO POPS. This James Bond in Aston Martin DB5 Pop! Ride vinyl figure features the original James Bond, Sean Connery, behind the wheel of his beloved Aston Martin. An absolute must-have for a James Bond fan.

VOLTES V. The Soul of Chogokin GX-79 Voltes V F.A. features incredible articulation, allowing it to take poses like never before. It is also enhanced by hidden features like folding waist armor and extensible thigh joints.

Q POSKET. The Joker joins the terribly cute Q Posket line from Banpresto. Joker is a fully painted, non-articulated figure standing about 5.50 inches tall.

MEAL AT DC SUPERHEROES CAFE. Comic-book lovers will be thrilled to dine superhero- style in this restaurant. They have a great variety of dishes—whose names are also superhero- inspired by the way (e.g. Captain Boomerang inspired Lamb Skewers, Dark Knight Chocolate Latte, Aquaman’s Panna Cotta), plus the merchandise on the shelves are also for sale. 

AQUAMAN MOVIE TOYS. The Aquaman BDS (Battle Diorama Series) Art Scale 1/10 statue is based on the likeness of Jason Momoa from the movie Aquaman. It has a base with translucent water effect, and measures 11.8” H x 6.2” W x 10.6” L. 

GUNDAM MODEL KITS. The Bandai Hobby #11 RG Destiny Gundam Model Kit, 1/144 Scale features an Advanced MS Joint System to allow for distinctive mid-air poses and realistic mechanical detail. Rifle, palm cannons, high energy beam cannon, composite shield, beam shield, anti-ship sword, beam boomerang, and beam sabers all included., 

FUNKO ROCK CANDY: COMFY PRINCESSES. Disney Princess from Ralph Breaks the Internet movie have joined Funko’s Rock Candy line. The stylized figures stand five inches tall, wears modern casual clothes, and comes in a window display box.

ANYTHING LEGO. Our suggestion: build an iconic Rebel X-Wing Starfighter with lever-activated wings and retractable landing gear. Includes Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter pilot mini figures, plus R2-D2 and r2-q2 Droids.,,

TOMICA OR HOTWHEELS. The ’49 Volkswagen Beetle Pickup is a Hot Wheels casting which debuted in the 2019 Volkswagen mainline segment. It is based on a pickup version of Volkswagen’s iconic Beetle.,