Canada, now on its second wave, had a new record high in a single day yesterday with more than 7,000 new cases. Photo by Alex on Unsplash

DoH posts 1,118 new cases today as the PH drops to 27th place from 26th in world Covid ranking

Canada has the highest 7-day average and a new record high in a single day yesterday with more than 7,000 new cases.  
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Nov 24 2020

Disclosure: All data provided are from the Department of Health’s various information sites including their data drop. Where appropriate, other graphs, illustrations, tables and data are appropriately referenced.

November 24, 2020 (updated)

The DoH reports 1,118 new cases today, with all top five cities/provinces contributing only double digits. Three cities were on the leader board – Caloocan, Davao and Quezon City.

Twelve new deaths were also posted today.

Yesterday’s data breakdown


  • NCR continues to top the cases in the country as a region. The cities of Quezon City, Manila, Caloocan, Pasig and Taguig are common daily contributors.
  • Other regions with triple digits were CALABARZON, Central Luzon, and Western Visayas.
  • Five provinces in CALABARZON remain large contributors to the daily pool of new cases in the Philippines.
  • Three provinces in Central Luzon – Bulacan, Pampanga and Tarlac – were in the top ten.
  • Ten cities in NCR were among the top 20 cities/municipalities with most cases.
  • Davao City came in third with 60 new cases.
  • The new entrant was Rodriguez (Montalban), a first class municipality in the province of Rizal with a population of more than 370,000 in a total land area of more than 300 sq km (for a density of 1,200 inhabitants/sq km).


With close to 600,000 new cases and almost 10,000 new deaths for a 7-day average, the world now crosses the 59,000,000 mark.

The United States continues to lead globally in terms of both total and daily cases and deaths, in spite of the lower weekend haul.

Because there are now eleven countries with more than 1 million cases each, so instead of posting the top ten, countries with one million and more cases will be announced.

  • Global case fatality rate continues to track downward to 2.35 percent with more cases than deaths.
  • Five European nations were among the top ten contributors to the pool of new cases yesterday – Italy, UK, Poland, Germany, and France.

Feature Story


With the announcement of additional 1,118 cases today in the Philippines, the country slips down from 26th to 27th place for coronavirus cases in the world. Romania is now in number 27.

The other countries that trail the Philippines are: Pakistan (28th), Saudi Arabia (29th), and Canada (30th). However, there are more than 40,000 cases that separate the Philippines and Pakistan, the latter with a 7-day average of 2,557 cases/day and is now on its second wave.

Saudi Arabia is on a decline with a 7-day average of 277 cases/day and continues to see a decreasing number of coronavirus cases.

It is Canada, also on its second wave, that is most troublesome because it has the highest 7-day average (>5,000 cases/day) and had a new record high in a single day yesterday with more than 7,000 new cases. At its current growth rate, it is most likely to switch places with Saudi Arabia within a week.

A country that is far larger but with a population that is only one-third of the Philippines, Canada has conducted more testing (288,000 per million population) as compared to the Philippines’ 50,000 per million population. The country will need to deal with the rising cases as they move into the winter season.

Below is the number of cases (up to November 23, 2020) for the last 7-days in Canada. Highest cases are in Ontario (10,005), Alberta (8,232), Quebec (8,134) and British Colombia (4,463).