Joyceeh gave in to the dare of her friend, who challenged her to do the "babaeng marangal challenge."
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Lady raises her ‘proof of delivery’ game as gratitude to our delivery men

“Ipinangako ko sa aking sarili na paghahandaan ko si kuya,” says netizen Joyceeh Hernandez Epino
ANCX Staff | Nov 23 2020

As has been proven time and again, the devastating calamities (natural and man-made) our country goes thru every so often can never extinguish the sense of humor in Filipinos. 

Joyceeh Hernandez Epino, who describes herself in her Facebook profile as an “educator, marathoner, pluviophile, thalassophile,” is another proof of this truism. If you haven’t seen her #Natanggapkona post by now—it was trending online this past weekend—you better read faster. 

Joyceeh felt ashamed to always face kuya delivery guy in her pambahay.

Most of us have probably encountered the situation one too many times, when the Shopee delivery guy calls out our name or sounds the door bell, and we’re caught either in our “just-woke-up” or “haven’t showered” look.

Joyceeh has been in this awkward position a number of times, so she promised herself the next time kuya delivery guy comes around, she’d be ready for her “photo op” as proof of delivery.

Na-frustrate kasi ako dahil ilang beses na bigla na lang nagsisisigaw si kuya ng ‘delivery para kay Joyceeh Epino!’ Eh wala pa kong bra. Nagtatapis lang ako lagi ng tuwalya. Walang kadignidignidad. Kaya ipinangako ko sa aking sarili na paghahandaan ko si kuya,” Joyceeh shared in a Facebook post, explaining the “rationale” behind her hilarious stunt.

But she thought she needed to up her “proof of delivery” shots. So she enlisted the help of her friends: to prepare a backdrop, to build the set, do her makeup and to take the requisite BTS shots. She wore two outfits for the event — a blue denim jacket (worn as an off-shoulder top) and a red crop top—and did all the possible poses while holding her Shopee package.

Joyceeh said her #Natanggapkona photo op is also her answer to a friend’s dare to do the babaeng marangal challenge (the proof of delivery post of YouTuber Michelle Fox). “Wag niyo akong china-challenge, bukod sacompetitive ako, mapagpatola ako,” she told her friend in the post, saying she never backs out of a dare. “Tutal ang Pilipinas ay isang malaking kompetisyon.

She even managed to take a swipe at people who like to red-tag UP students or alums like her. She said she wanted to prove that not all UP students are NPA. “Yung iba nagMOWDEL!” 

In reply to our message on Facebook messenger, Joyceeh said she posted about her #Natanggapkona photo op “in the spirit of spreading love and good vibes in a nation torn by political divide, natural disasters, global pandemic and a plethora of social issues...” 

Her message to the nation: “GORA! LAVERN!”

Showing what she's got.

She says the intention of her post is to lessen the hate in the world and to thank our frontliner-delivery men. “Bonus na lang na maraming napasaya,” she tells ANCX. “Naniniwala po ako sa kasabihang i-push nating mag-viral ang good news pero maging responsable para wag mag-spread ang virus! Endaaaaayyyy thank you.”

Her Facebook post has so far garnered over 7,000 shares.