When Disaster Strikes: State-of-the-art safe shelter for the workplace 2

When Disaster Strikes: State-of-the-art safe shelter for the workplace

The Philippines is no stranger to natural calamities. But have you ever thought about how your office or the company you’re working for is ready to respond to these threats?
Partner Feature | Nov 20 2019

Filipinos are accustomed to battling the onslaught of typhoons, flooding and other forms of natural hazards. In recent weeks, Mindanao even had to deal with a series of earthquakes that left people injured or traumatized and with establishments and infrastructures heavily damaged. Owing to its geographical location, the Philippines is considered highly vulnerable and prone to natural hazards.

The aftermath of these disasters not only impacts the lives and the living conditions of the residents but also greatly affects the business operations of various establishments and enterprises. Simply put, it directly hits the nation’s economy.

A company at the forefront of change offers a pioneering solution to service the Philippine business community.

ePLDT Inc., the industry-leading enabler of digital solutions, contributes to the country’s disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction measures by launching the first stand-alone disaster recovery (DR) facility in North Luzon—the VITRO Clark DR Site.

Strategically located in Clark, Pampanga, home to several business and transit hubs such as the Clark Special Economic Zone, Clark Freeport Zone and the Clark International Airport, the VITRO Clark DR Site is the country’s largest DR facility to date with an expansive 6,909 sqm floor area.

In partnership with PLDT Clarktel, the ePLDT group launches the VITRO Clark DR Site to support the business continuity efforts of enterprises in the country just in case “The Big One” strikes.

Here are the highlights and the ways that ePLDT’s state-of-the-art VITRO Clark DR Site can help businesses in fortifying their disaster preparedness and recovery plans:

  • Data backup

  • Providing alternative offices spaces when disaster strikes. Enterprises can opt to choose from the facility’s dedicated or shared seats. The site can initially house 246 DR seats but is set to expand to over 2,300 throughout its continued development.

  • Disaster-ready facility. ePLDT’s VITRO Clark DR Site is seismic zone 4-compliant, making it able to withstand earthquakes of up to intensity 8; it also has N+1 Genset Configuration—ensuring the operational continuity in the event of power failures.

  • 24/7 security and customer support

ePLDT president and CEO Jovy Hernandez acknowledges the value of disaster preparedness.

“We at ePLDT, recognize that disaster recovery is a top priority for our customers, which is why we are fortifying our capabilities to ensure that we provide them with the means to safeguard their operations at all costs,” Hernandez stated.

“With the launch of our VITRO DR site in Clark, we make it easier for our customers to enable their business continuity and resiliency plans. This is in line with our mission of simplifying the complex for our customers,” he continued.

ePLDT chairman of the board Al Panlilio echoed Hernandez’s positive statement, sharing that the launch of the DR site is in fulfillment of the PLDT group’s mission of nation-building.

“We have always believed that our business goes beyond ICT and digital services. We’re providing our customers with solutions that will improve their operations and in turn, allow them to better serve their customers and our society as a whole. This initiative is but a testament to that commitment—allowing us to provide true end-to-end support for our customers, no matter the circumstance,” Panlilio said.

In addition to the PLDT group’s establishment of VITRO Data Center and VITRO Clark DR Site facilities, the group’s another key investment is the deployment of the Philippines’ first 5G network.