This P277M Spanish style residence is two houses in one 2
Photo courtesy of Presello

Inside the P277M Spanish colonial-style residence in QC built by furniture collectors

What enhances the house’s old world feel is its use of repurposed materials.
ANCX Staff | Nov 12 2021

Stepping into this Hispanic-style home, one is easily transported to a bygone era, what with its cobblestone driveway, antique brick accent walls, and ornate furniture. But this property is definitely in the here and now. It’s the latest get of the popular real estate broker outfit Presello, and the YouTube video that spotlights it has gathered 45,000 views just five days after it was uploaded. 

Spanish style home
The 11-year-old home has an antique feel to it.

The property, located in one of the gated villages in Katipunan, Quezon City, is composed of two houses, each covering 1,035 square-meters of beautifully-designed spaces. There are 10 bedrooms in all, 11 bathrooms, and two car ports (covered and uncovered) that can fit 10 to 12 vehicles. It’s now going for PhP 277 million, according to Presello. 

Spanish style home
Some of the brick accents were repurposed from old homes in Ilocos.

Both houses are fashioned in the Hispanic style and were built from the ground up by its owners just a little more than a decade ago. What enhances the house’s antique feel is its use of repurposed materials. For instance, the main door, as video host Julia Richards points out, is repurposed from the wooden planks of a kalesa

The exterior brick walls installed on both sides of the entrance come from three different Ilocos old houses that were going to be demolished. The wooden tiles were originally used as walls from another old residence.

Spanish style home
The home is owned by furniture collectors, which explains the elegant selection of home furnishing.

But not everything in this stately abode is repurposed. Its large windows, which are made to look like capiz, are actually made of resin and metal. Julia, a former University of Sto. Tomas Interior Design student, explains that since wood tends to contract or expand depending on the weather, the owners opted for this “modern technique that looks very traditional.”

Spanish style home
The foyer and spiral staircase leading up to the second floor.

At the foyer, guests are welcomed by a grand spiral staircase that leads to a spacious balcony on the second floor, which according to Julia, exudes a “Noli Me Tangere” vibe but with a contemporary feel.

The homeowners are furniture collectors, which explains why the space is spruced up with an elegant array of old world home staples—four-poster beds, butakas, chandeliers, and display cabinets.

Spanish style home
Large windows were fashioned to look like capiz

Little vintage details add interest to the spaces in the house—ornate metal door knockers and handles, switches and switch plates, Spanish-style lamps, mirrors, Machuca tiles, even intricate cornices. Different areas of the house sport different tile designs, the patterns changing the energy of a space as one moves from one room to another.

Spanish style home
Hand-painted Machuca tiles and vintage furniture add interest to this space.
Spanish style home
The veranda offers a refreshing look of Marikina Valley and the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges.

While the home’s interior is already quite impressive, so is the view from the property. Its sliding doors open to a patio with a wall fountain on one side, or to a spacious veranda, both offering refreshing views of Marikina Valley and the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges. Meanwhile, at the back of the property is the forested area behind Ateneo’s Jesuit residences but the house itself is surrounded by trees and lush greenery. All in all, it’s ready for you to move in—but best to wait for the video on the second house, which is coming this Sunday. 

Photos courtesy of Presello